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Warning Investors unitedsolarinfinity.com – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


Unitedsolarinfinity.com positions itself as a leading provider of solar energy solutions, catering to both residential and commercial clientele. However, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has raised a red flag, cautioning consumers about the company’s alarming lack of proper licensing. This not only signals a potential breach of financial regulations but also raises serious questions about the company’s overall legitimacy, thereby necessitating a closer examination of the risks involved.

Regulation and Compliance:

In the intricate web of financial services and product providers, adherence to ASIC regulations is non-negotiable. The stark absence of ASIC licensing for unitedsolarinfinity.com casts a shadow over its operations, suggesting a deviation from essential legal standards. This raises suspicions of potential involvement in fraudulent activities, accentuating the critical need for consumers to transact with licensed entities for their own financial protection.

Customer Reviews:

Embarking on a journey through customer reviews unveils a disconcerting pattern of dissatisfaction with unitedsolarinfinity.com. Customers report undelivered products, obscured fees, deficient communication, and questionable business practices. These testimonials serve as cautionary tales, underlining the unreliability of the company and the potential for unsuspecting customers to fall victim to exploitative schemes.

Products and Services:

Unitedsolarinfinity.com’s offerings cast a pall of doubt over the quality of its products, installation services, and financing options. The spectrum of concerns spans from the delivery of substandard products that may compromise safety to dubious financial practices that could leave consumers in precarious financial straits. Prospective customers are emphatically urged to exercise extreme caution, undertaking thorough due diligence before considering any engagements with the company.


The conspicuous absence of a physical address or contact details on unitedsolarinfinity.com’s platform raises an immediate red flag. The lack of transparent identification adds a layer of complexity for consumers attempting to verify the legitimacy of the company or ascertain its actual physical location. This opacity introduces concerns about the company’s commitment to transparency, and accountability, and raises questions about its overall corporate governance.

Customer Service:

Reports detailing the inadequacy or non-existence of customer service from unitedsolarinfinity.com underscore a troubling facet of the company’s operations. The failure to address customer queries, and complaints, or provide any form of support further contributes to an erosion of consumer trust. This highlights the pivotal role that robust customer service plays in establishing credibility within the marketplace.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

Dealing with unlicensed entities like unitedsolarinfinity.com exposes consumers to substantial financial risks. The likelihood of receiving inferior products or services, coupled with the potential for unexpected costs, and the absence of clear recourse or compensation avenues, underscores the multifaceted hazards associated with engaging with unregulated entities in the marketplace. It is a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence and careful consideration when navigating the financial landscape.


In summation, unitedsolarinfinity.com’s glaring lack of ASIC approval paints a bleak picture of its legitimacy. Prospective customers are not merely cautioned but strongly advised to exercise extreme vigilance and refrain from engaging with this unlicensed entity to mitigate the significant risk of financial losses. For those who have already transacted with unitedsolarinfinity.com, reporting the incident to ASIC and seeking legal advice becomes paramount, providing a potential pathway towards redress and protection of their financial interests in this complex and challenging landscape.

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