Wise Payment Scams

Wise is a popular online platform that allows you to send money abroad quickly and cheaply. It has over 10 million customers and processes over £5 billion in transactions every month. However, like any other online service, Wise is not immune to fraud and scams. In this blog post, we will explain what Wise payment scams are, how they work, and how you can avoid them.

What are Wise Payment Scams?

Wise payment scams are a type of online fraud where scammers try to trick you into sending money to them using Wise. They usually do this by posing as a legitimate and trusted company, person, or organization, and asking you to pay for something using Wise. For example, they might pretend to be:

  • A seller on an online marketplace, such as eBay or Gumtree, who asks you to pay for an item using Wise instead of the platform’s secure payment system.
  • A travel agent, landlord, or employer who asks you to pay for a booking, deposit, or visa fee using Wise.
  • A charity, lottery, or prize organization that asks you to pay a fee or tax using Wise to claim your winnings or donation.
  • A friend, relative, or romantic partner who asks you to send them money using Wise for an emergency, medical bill, or travel expense.
  • A customer service representative from Wise or another company who asks you to verify your account details, update your payment information, or confirm a transaction using Wise.

How do Wise payment scams work?

Wise payment scams usually follow a similar pattern:

  • The scammer contacts you by email, phone call, text message, social media, or another channel and offers you something that sounds too good to be true, such as a cheap deal, a high-paying job, or a large sum of money.
  • The scammer convinces you to trust them by using fake credentials, testimonials, logos, websites, or documents that look authentic and professional.
  • The scammer asks you to pay for something using Wise and provides you with their bank details or a link to their Wise account. They might pressure you to act quickly or offer you a discount or bonus if you pay using Wise.
  • The scammer receives your money in their Wise account and transfers it to another account or withdraws it in cash. They then stop communicating with you and disappear with your money.
  • You realize that you have been scammed and try to contact the scammer or get your money back. However, it is too late because the money has already left your account and Wise has no control over it.

How can you avoid Wise payment scams?

The best way to avoid Wise payment scams is to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with anyone who asks you to pay for something using Wise. Here are some tips to help you spot and prevent Wise payment scams:

  • Never send money to someone you don’t know and trust using Wise. Wise is designed for sending money to people you know personally or have verified their identity and legitimacy.
  • Always use the official payment system of the platform or website you are using. For example, if you are buying something on eBay or Gumtree, use their secure payment methods and don’t accept requests to pay outside of their platform.
  • Don’t click on any links or attachments in emails or messages from unknown senders. They might lead you to fake websites that look like Wise or other companies and ask you to enter your login details or personal information.
  • Watch out for phishing emails from scammers pretending to be Wise or other companies. These emails might look very similar to the legitimate ones by copying their logo, color scheme, and typeface. However, they will usually say that something has happened to your account and ask you to log in or follow a link to fix it. Don’t do it because they might steal your card details or identity. You can tell if an email is from Wise by checking if it addresses you by your first name and if the website it directs you to starts with https://wise.com.
  • If someone asks you to pay for something using Wise, do some research before sending any money. Check their reputation, reviews, ratings, feedback, contact details, and website. Look for any signs of inconsistency, discrepancy, or urgency. If something seems off or suspicious, don’t proceed with the payment.
  • If you think you have been scammed or have received a phishing email from someone pretending to be Wise, contact Wise immediately. Log in to your account and get help from their customer support team. They might be able to stop the transfer before it goes through. You should also file a police report because you have been a victim of fraud and a crime has been committed against you.

Wise is a safe and reliable way to send money abroad, but you need to be careful and smart when using it. Don’t let scammers trick you into sending them money using Wise. Follow the tips above and protect yourself from Wise payment scams.

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