Cyber Intelligence Report (CIR)

The internet is a place to get things done–and unfortunately, is a place for fraudsters to hide. If you have had your bitcoin wallet hacked, are the target of a phishing scam or have lost funds to an unregulated broker online, you may realize it may not be so easy to pursue your claim by yourself. 

However, it’s important not to give up but to act immediately. You need experts with extensive experience investigating cyber crime and a cyber intelligence report to present to law enforcement. 


Why a Cyber Intelligence Report Can Bolster Your Claim

Law enforcement worldwide is becoming more astute in dealing with criminal activity on the internet, but they still have far to go before they can apprehend the majority of online frauds. The reality is that police departments are drowning in complaints and often can only deal with a fraction of them. 

Which claims do they choose to pursue? Obviously, high-stakes cyber crime is top on the list involving huge companies or hacking of government offices. After that, they pay attention to cases that have evidence that validate complaints and point the actual suspects. Most people don’t have the resources themselves to support their claims, which is why you need a CIR to give your claim traction. 

CryptoCoinTrace investigators create these CIRs to give law enforcement a head start tracking down a suspected cyber fraud. These reports make the job of the police easier and can save many hours of work to expedite the process. 

What’s in a Cyber Intelligence Report?

  • Overview
  • Connected Brands
  • Alleged Owners/Operators
  • Payment Processor Providers
  • Main Companies
  • Technology Providers
  • Persons of Interest
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Relevant Media References 
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Registrations
  • Every CIR begins with an Overview of the case including a timeline of events and a conclusion reached by the investigation. Connected Brands can identify shadow operations as well as accomplices in cyber fraud. Alleged Owners and Operators identify who may be behind the fraud and information about Payment Processor Providers can provide clues that lead to transaction data that can assist the investigation process. 

    The next section in the CIR lists Main Companies, which may be a veneer for the actual operation and lists Technology Providers, who could have crucial data. The report also identifies Persons of Interest, including all names and locations and Regulator Warnings to demonstrate that officials have been suspicious of these parties in the past. Relevant Media References show press and published information about the alleged fraud. The report contains reports on Lawsuits and other legal action against the suspected scam. Corporate Registrations detail public information about the company

Do You Want Your Bank to Act Fast on Your Claim? Talk to CryptoCoinTrace About a CIR

Get started on your CIR and ensure the bank takes action on your complaint. Our investigators use proven techniques, advanced technology and methods honed through experience working with hundreds of banks. We understand the kind of evidence banks need to see when pursuing claims and can help you increase your chances of a successful outcome. 

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