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We focus on exposing bitcoin and other crypto scams, forex scams and additional types of financial fraud. CCT provides customers like you with information such as broker reviews and  other resources to fight back and recover your funds


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Cryptocointrace provides solutions, guidance, and resources for those who are dealing with crypto scams, investment fraud, or broker disputes. Our team is comprised of experts with combined decades of experience with financial services, regulators and authorities. 

We consult with clients and provide intelligence reports and crypto reports that aid officials in tracking down the source of frauds and the path of client funds. We use our research skills and resources to make it easier to bring your complaint to a successful conclusion. 


Cryptocointrace consults with clients and provides assistance. If you are deciding which broker or financial service to use, we can advise you based on our thorough research. If you have a complaint with a broker or a crypto service, we will create intelligence reports based on your information and our own investigations. Armed with an in-depth intelligence report, the authorities can more efficiently find the identity of the fraudsters and discover the path of your funds. 


Have You Been Scammed? 

It doesn’t feel good admitting that scammers have taken your money. However, you are not alone. Millions are lost each day in crypto scams. Total scams rob much more from consumers around the world. Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to fool consumers into thinking their service is legitimate. 

Scammers also have unprecedented abilities to tap new markets of people to steal from. The internet and social media have expanded the reach of scams in the 21st century. You need Cryptocointrace services to assist you if you have lost money to a crypto scam and need a crypto report. We also deal with other scams and draft intelligence reports that authorities can use to track down criminals. 

Do You Need to File a Complaint? 

If you have lost money to a crypto scam or another type of fraud it is important to file a complaint right away. Speed is important because cybercriminals are adept at hiding their tracks and concealing their identities. Complaints also prevent them from getting away with crypto scams. 

Talk to Cryptocointrace today and we will collect the information we need to draft an intelligence report or crypto report. When you present these reports to authorities. They can get on the trail of scammers faster and are more likely to succeed in tracking down your funds.


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