Crypto Investigation Report

Crypto Investigation Report

A crypto investigation report is the culmination of technical analysis and crypto forensic techniques. It has everything our clients need to present their case to law enforcement and crypto platforms. A thorough investigation report is an essential tool for official inquiries, because it: 

  • Details the movement of funds through the blockchain–our specialized bitcoin block explorer isolates the transaction and provides detailed information
  • Identifies clues about bitcoin transactions and crypto wallets–crypto coin trace solutions identify patterns and reveal additional transactions that can help uncover the culprits
  • Validates clients’ claims–authorities glean enough information from our investigation report to crack down on suspects and combat cyber fraud. 

What Is in an Investigation Report?

We give your case a solid head start with:

  • Documents to present to law enforcement and crypto exchanges
  • Visual representation of crypto transactions with client funds
  • Vital details about suspected anonymous crypto wallets
  • Actionable conclusions from our detailed investigation


When you approach the police or a crypto platform with a claim, you will not be empty handed. Your case will have a solid foundation of evidence and a greater chance of a successful outcome.

How Do We Create an Investigation Report?

After an initial consultation with the client, we use tested crypto investigation methods that include: 

  • Advanced data attribution
  • Clustering algorithms
  • Crypto analytics
  • State of the art tracking capabilities
  • Proprietary databases
  • Federal investigation-standard crypto trace software
  • Case-tested crypto forensics techniques 

After the crypto investigation process has been completed, we create an investigation report clients can present to authorities. These reports are the basis for official investigations and validate clients’ claims with enough evidence to track down cyber criminals.

Locate Bitcoin Transactions on the Blockchain with CryptoCoinTrace Experts!

Our team of crypto experts use proprietary methods, specialized crypto trace software and customized investigation strategies and make them work for you. We give our clients the tools to approach law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they will act on your claim. 

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