Broker Complaints

About Broker Complaints

If you feel that you have been cheated by a scam broker or are disappointed with the service of a regulated broker, you will want to file a broker complaint. This is essential to ensure the broker behaves accountably with their clients and treats you fairly. Sometimes simply calling an issue to the broker’s attention is enough to get the problem solved. However, if a broker digs in their heels or does not respond, a formal complaint is necessary. Cryptocointrace experts can provide you with assistance for your broker complaint. Our team of researchers knows what to look for when investigating a crypto scam. We can provide you with information and guidance through our crypto reports that will help you get results. Contact our Cryptocointrace professionals today for a consultation.

Why Do People File Broker Complaints?

People may file broker complaints when they feel their broker is not addressing the issues they raise or if there is a dispute. For instance, you may feel that the broker is not complying with the terms of service. The broker may not answer your emails or texts. This leaves the client no choice but to contact the regulator and make a broker complaint to them.

It may be the case that the broker will respond to you but you may have a disagreement with them. For instance, you may feel that a certain fee does not comply with the terms of service, but the broker may provide another interpretation of these terms that allows them to charge this kind of fee. In this case, you will need a third party to settle the dispute. It is worthwhile to file a broker complaint with the regulator, which could be likely to solve the dispute in the favor of the client.

The third case in which clients make broker complaints is in broker scams. These complaints have a different tone and purpose than regulated broker complaints. In this case, the broker may not be regulated and the broker complaint may need to be made to law enforcement. If the broker is regulated by a third or fourth-tier regulator, the regulator may not act quickly or at all on the complaint. This represents a particular challenge that will need to be faced with the assistance of services like Cryptocointrace.

It is important to note that no trader should consider working with an unregulated broker. If a broker is not licensed by a regulator, there is no one to complain to aside from law enforcement.

It may take some time before you can prove that the broker violated a law with fraudulent activity, whereas if you can register your broker complaint to a regulator, they can deal with the problem right away. Also, the higher the caliber license the broker has, the more efficiently the regulator will be likely to resolve the complaint or dispute.

Why Are There So Many Scam Brokers?

Every trader should beware of scam brokers. Unfortunately, there are many of them. One reason there are so many scam brokers is that there is more online trading than ever before. There are also a higher number of traders than there have been in the past.

Whenever something is popular, there are always fake forms of a certain type of trend. For instance, when everyone was buying Gucci, there were plenty of fake Gucci handbags sold on the streets of major cities. The same is true of brokers. The difference between scam brokers and knock-off Gucci handbags is that the fake purses are often cheaper than the genuine article.

However, scam brokers tend to charge more fees and make off with all of the money in clients’ accounts, in some cases. They tend to overpromise to tempt people to take a chance and then steal their money. It is important to avoid brokers who promise extremely high guaranteed returns as well as those who do not hold top-tier licenses.

Scam Brokers versus Regulated Broker Complaints

You may not be sure whether if you have a broker dispute with a reliable broker or you are dealing with a scam broker. One way of deciding is by looking at the broker’s license. Although there is no guarantee that a licensed broker will not turn out to be a scam, it is less likely.

Another sign of a scam broker is the tendency to cut off communication. A reliable broker will show transparency regarding fees and will maintain communication with clients. If the broker is not answering your emails or texts, they may not be crooks, but you may have reasons to suspect that, at the very least, they are not a quality service.

You know you have a dispute with a broker, obviously, if there is a controversy between you and the broker about an aspect of service. This could be a dispute with a legitimate broker or it could be an argument over a poor excuse provided by a scam broker. Doing some research and talking to Cryptocointrace experts should indicate whether the dispute you have with a broker is a reasonable one or if the broker is completely out of line and suspicious.

When Should You File a Crypto Complaint?

When you notice that an app you purchased is fake or if you have been lost money in a crypto scam, it is important to make a crypto complaint as soon as possible. Filing a complaint can be as simple as contacting law enforcement and describing what happened.

However, it should be noted that law enforcement and government agencies are inundated with crypto complaints. The multiplicity of online fraud schemes means that very little attention can be given to individual cases, especially when there is little information for tracking the scammers down. Authorities may be less motivated to pursue a case if they have to start from scratch.

This is why many people seek the assistance of Cryptocointrace to provide crypto reports. These can bolster crypto complaints and provide an in-depth account of the problem as well as information they need to track down the fraud.

When Should You File a Broker Complaint

You do not need to figure out whether or not you are dealing with a scam broker or dispute with the legitimate broker before filing a broker complaint. It is the job of the regulators and the authorities to decide that. You should file a broker complaint if any of the following happens and you have not received a satisfactory answer or reaction from the broker:
Any of these behaviors which have not received any kind of answer from the broker is enough to consider making a broker complaint.
  • Unauthorized fees
  • Fees that were not previously agreed upon
  • Failure to comply with terms and conditions
  • Fake contact information
  • Not complying with promises stated on the site
  • Aggressive manner
  • Cutting off communication
  • Refusal to release funds

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