Cryptocointrace is a service that is designed to assist consumers who have complaints with a company or broker. These complaints may be due to a dispute with a legitimate service or it could be the result of a crypto scam or broker scam. Our experts represent various fields and areas of expertise and combine their efforts to work on behalf of our clients.

We have proprietary research techniques and advanced tools to investigate companies and brokers. Cryptocointraice benefits from a close working relationship with financial institutions, government agencies, law enforcement, and security companies. We can unmask information that is usually hidden and can help our clients achieve results in their claims.
Cryptocointrace provides clients with guidance and support through the scam recovery process. We consult with clients, many of whom have lost money to crypto scams or scam brokers. We then advise them of what steps to take to help the authorities catch the cybercriminals or to get their money back.

We do a thorough interview with clients and examine documents, communications and information they provide. We then advise them on dealing with authorities and what to do next. Cryptocointrace experts conduct a thorough investigation and create intelligence reports or crypto reports that clients can bring to authorities or regulators.
Cryptocointrace creates intelligence reports if there is a dispute or complaint with a broker or company. The report is an in-depth examination of the broker or company, including their history, regulation or lack of it, complaints, and legal action taken against them.

An intelligence report not only investigates the broker and company, but it provides a detailed account of the client’s experience, including communication. The more information the client provides, the more detailed this section of the intelligence report will be, so it is important to collect any information you have when consulting with Cryptocointrace.
Intelligence reports and crypto reports are powerful weapons in the war against cyber fraud. It is estimated that, during COVID-19, online fraud increased by 40%. This means that authorities and regulators are busy with numerous complaints, and are overwhelmed with requests to investigate fraudulent services or brokers.

Cryptocointrace makes this job easier for authorities and regulators by providing them with intelligence reports and crypto reports. There is no need to start an investigation from scratch with our detailed accounts and in-depth information.
Although Cryptocointrace has a track record of success, no service can guarantee 100% success. Any service that gives such a guarantee should be avoided. We can guarantee, however, that consulting with our experts so we can draft an intelligence report or crypto report will dramatically improve your chances of success in your claim.
Our mission is to empower our clients with information. The adage, “Knowledge is power” is certainly true in the cases we deal with. Cryptocointrace urges consumers not to suffer in silence if they have experienced losses due to crypto scams or broker scams. This lets the fraudulent parties win, and can encourage them to do the same for others.

We assist our clients in their quest for justice. Armed with the in-depth information provided by our intelligence reports, authorities can more easily track down cybercriminals and stop their activities. In many cases, these fraudsters pay the price and are compelled to return stolen funds to clients.
Cryptocointrace services are useful for people who have been targeted by crypto scams or broker scams. Some of our clients have been sold bitcoin wallets that do not work or have robbed them of their virtual coins or data. If these situations cannot be attributed to error and the seller will not communicate, that is a sign of a crypto scam that requires assistance.

A large number of our clients have also suffered from unscrupulous brokers who will not release their funds. They may either try to defend their practice of not allowing withdrawals, charge exorbitant fees or disappear. There is no need to prove a service is a scam before using our services. We will find this out through our investigations. Even a dispute, rather than a scam, can justify a full intelligence report.
Crypto reports are a version of our intelligence reports but are applied specifically to crypto scams or a dispute with a crypto service. As the name of our company, Cryptocointrace, suggests, we are experts at tracking down crypto fraud with proprietary techniques, in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience.

Many people who lose money in a crypto scam feel hopeless. The conventional wisdom says that the blockchain is anonymous, so they may incorrectly believe it is impossible to find the scammers. However, the Cryptocointrace tech-savvy experts have developed unique ways of unmasking activity on the blockchain and discover the identity and information about scammers.
Providing intelligence reports or crypto reports to authorities and regulators makes their job easier. Think about it. If you had a choice between doing two challenging jobs, one what was halfway done and the other you had to start from scratch, which would you choose? If a good chunk of a task is already completed, it is easier and its chances for success are greater.
Cryptocointrace urges consumers to consult with us immediately after realizing they have been targeted by a scam. This is particularly true in the case of crypto scams, because these fraudsters tend to hide their identities and launder money through the blockchain quickly. However, even in these challenging cases, it is worthwhile to have an intelligence report written even if some time has passed.

The main reason is that these scammers tend to have a long and storied history of fraudulent activity, and your report will give more information that will help authorities track them down, even if they are already working on new scams. It is possible they could finally be caught and that funds could be returned to clients.

If the issue is a credit card scam, a few months can pass before the deadlines to file a claim. Even if the deadline has passed, consult with us and we can strive to find a solution.
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