Crypto Investigative Services

Crypto frauds are unique, so the approach to fighting them also has to be unique. Crypto users often like the anonymity of the blockchain and the lack of fees and rules. The darker side to this freedom is that the blockchain can be a risky place because it is the venue of choice for today’s cyber criminals. 

If you’ve lost funds on the blockchain, you have CryptoCoinTrace on your side. We are pioneers in crypto investigation and have developed a whole range of crypto investigative services that will help you track down your funds.

What Is a Crypto Investigation?

A crypto investigation uses the most advanced technology and human ingenuity to locate lost funds on behalf of clients. After a thorough crypto investigation, we can provide the information you need to approach law enforcement and pursue the people who stole your funds. 

You provide the information, and the CryptoCoinTrace will use this data to locate the anonymous bitcoin wallet where your funds are hidden or were cashed out. Our innovative solutions can unmask identities behind these crypto wallets and can give you and the authorities the data you need to pinpoint the location of your money.

The CryptoCoinTrace Advantage

What makes our approach unique? We use the following to achieve results for our clients:

      • A team with complex crypto trace experience
      • Specialized crypto trace software previously available only to government agencies and law enforcement
      • A working relationship with 450 law enforcement agencies in 100 countries
      • Comprehensive solutions, including open-source (OSINT), cyber intelligence (CYBINT), and financial intelligence (FNINT)
      • We have a record of success in legal cases

Crypto Consulting

If you’ve lost money to a crypto fraud, you need to know you can rely on someone. Our team will discuss your claim, give you support and answer your questions. 

We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and form a game plan that will increase your chances of success.

Crypto Investigation Process

We provide you with a full range of crypto services, including the following: 

  • Thorough consultation
  • Deep case analysis
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Crypto tracking specialized software
  • Crypto forensic investigation
  • Crypto investigation report

Crypto Investigation Reports

At the end of the crypto investigation process, we’ll present you with a detailed crypto investigation report that reveals the following: 

        • The path of your funds through the blockchain from the initial transaction to the cash-out point
        • Details about suspicious bitcoin wallet holders
        • Company information
        • Previous legal action 
        • Accomplices and suspicious intermediary wallets
        • Conclusions of the investigation

Have You Lost Money on a Crypto Fraud? Talk to CryptoCoinTrace Experts

Our team of crypto experts uses proprietary methods, specialized crypto trace software, and customized investigation strategies and makes them work for you. We give our clients the tools to approach law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they will act on your claim. The sooner talk to us, the greater the chances of a successful claim! 

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