Crypto Investigative Services

The freedom and anonymity of the blockchain can be a double-edged sword for crypto users. While it eliminates fees and regulations, it also attracts cybercriminals. Crypto frauds thrive in this unregulated space, making traditional investigation methods less effective.

That's where Cryptocointrace steps in.

We’re pioneers in crypto investigation, offering a range of specialized services tailored to investigate your case and track down your funds. Our team understands the complexities of the blockchain and knows how to navigate its unique challenges.

What Is a Crypto Investigation?

A crypto investigation is the process of uncovering the truth behind a crime involving cryptocurrency. A crypto investigation aims to:

  • Help victims seek justice and recovery. 
  • Expose tactics used by crypto scammers.
  • Hold criminals accountable for their actions.
  • Help law enforcement agencies in their fight against crypto-related crime.

Unlike traditional financial investigations that rely on bank records and paper trails, crypto investigations use specialized tools and forensic techniques to analyze blockchain data to track the movement of stolen funds. The blockchain is a public ledger that records all cryptocurrency transactions, offering valuable clues. Investigators can find the origin of the funds, the wallets involved in the transaction, and even the destination of the stolen assets. By analyzing patterns and behaviors in the blockchain data, investigators can find the individuals or organizations behind the scam. This information can be used to recover assets and lead to criminal prosecution. Crypto investigators may also collaborate with law enforcement agencies and other experts to gather additional evidence and track down criminals.

The CryptoCoinTrace Advantage

What makes our approach unique? We use the following to achieve results for our clients:

      • A team with complex crypto trace experience
      • Specialized crypto trace software previously available only to government agencies and law enforcement
      • A working relationship with 450 law enforcement agencies in 100 countries
      • Comprehensive solutions, including open-source (OSINT), cyber intelligence (CYBINT), and financial intelligence (FNINT)
      • We have a record of success in legal cases

Crypto Consulting

If you’ve lost money to a crypto fraud, you need to know you can rely on someone. Our team will discuss your claim, give you support and answer your questions. 

We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and form a game plan that will increase your chances of success.

Crypto Investigation Process

We provide you with a full range of crypto services, including the following: 

  • Thorough consultation
  • Deep case analysis
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Crypto tracking specialized software
  • Crypto forensic investigation
  • Crypto investigation report

Crypto Investigation Reports

At the end of the crypto investigation process, we’ll present you with a detailed crypto investigation report that reveals the following: 

        • The path of your funds through the blockchain from the initial transaction to the cash-out point
        • Details about suspicious bitcoin wallet holders
        • Company information
        • Previous legal action 
        • Accomplices and suspicious intermediary wallets
        • Conclusions of the investigation

Have You Lost Money on a Crypto Fraud? Talk to CryptoCoinTrace Experts

Our team of crypto experts uses proprietary methods, specialized crypto trace software, and customized investigation strategies and makes them work for you. We give our clients the tools to approach law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they will act on your claim. The sooner talk to us, the greater the chances of a successful claim! 

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