The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) Review

Warning Investors The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) – Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


The financial world can be a daunting place for investors seeking to grow their wealth. In this landscape, trust and reliability are paramount when choosing an investment fund. Unfortunately, not all entities that claim to offer high returns can be trusted. One such dubious entity is The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone), a fraudulent scheme that preys on unsuspecting investors. In this review, we will expose the deceptive tactics employed by this clone entity, which falsely claims to be affiliated with a legitimate investment fund known as The Emerald Fund ICAV.

Regulation and Compliance:

Investors are often advised to ensure that any financial service provider they engage with is duly authorized and regulated by the relevant authorities. In the case of The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone), a red flag is raised as it is not authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland or any other regulatory body. This lack of authorization means that the entity operates without oversight or accountability, putting investors at significant risk.

The Central Bank of Ireland issued a warning notice on September 25, 2023, specifically addressing the unauthorized and fraudulent activities of The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone). This warning serves as a clear indication that the clone entity is not recognized as a legitimate investment firm or collective investment scheme by the Central Bank. Any interactions with this entity are done at the investor’s peril. To mitigate such risks, the Central Bank advises consumers to consult its registers before engaging with any financial service provider and to promptly report any suspicious entities.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

A genuine investment fund values its investors and typically provides exemplary customer support. However, The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) takes a starkly different approach. As it is, there are no authentic customer reviews available for this clone entity, primarily because it does not offer any real services. Instead, what you will find are fake reviews posted on various platforms, created by the scammers themselves or their accomplices.

These fictitious reviews aim to lure unsuspecting investors by promoting The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) as a legitimate and profitable fund. The counterfeit testimonials claim exceptional returns on investments, impeccable customer service, and swift fund withdrawals. Accompanied by fabricated screenshots, documents, or videos, these reviews attempt to establish a false sense of credibility and performance. However, it’s crucial to understand that these reviews are elaborate fabrications designed to manipulate potential investors.

The truth is that anyone who invests in The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) will likely see their investments vanish into thin air, with no possibility of recovery.

Products and Services:

The fraudulent tactics employed by The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) extend to the misrepresentation of their products and services. They claim to offer a range of enticing features, including a diverse portfolio of assets, flexible investment plans, a low minimum investment, high annual returns, a secure online platform, professional fund managers, and even a referral program.

Unfortunately, these enticing features are entirely fictitious. The scammers behind this fraudulent scheme have no intention of investing the funds they collect from investors into actual assets or markets. Instead, these funds are diverted for personal gain or used to pay off earlier investors in a manner reminiscent of a Ponzi scheme.

In some cases, the scammers may demand additional fees or taxes from investors before they can withdraw their funds. Alternatively, they might simply cut off communication with investors. In either scenario, individuals who invest in The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) will experience substantial financial losses and may find themselves entangled in legal difficulties.


The address claimed by The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) is 2 Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Harbour Dublin 2, Ireland, the same address used by the legitimate The Emerald Fund ICAV. However, this is nothing more than an attempt by the scammers to impersonate the genuine fund and mislead potential investors.

It’s crucial to understand that The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) has no physical presence or operations at this address or anywhere else in Ireland or abroad. The scammers may use various means of communication, such as phone calls, emails, or online chats, to contact potential investors and manipulate them into investing. These communication channels are neither secure nor traceable and can be modified or terminated by the scammers at any time.

Customer Service:

A robust and responsive customer service team is a hallmark of a reputable investment fund. However, The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) makes deceptive claims of providing excellent customer support available 24/7. This, too, is a falsehood propagated by the scammers behind the scheme.

The scammers may initially use friendly and persuasive language to build trust with potential investors and encourage them to invest more funds or refer others to the scheme. Once they’ve received the investments, their behavior takes a drastic turn. They may become unresponsive, rude, or even threatening. Investors might find their requests for withdrawals met with various tactics aimed at avoidance or delay.

These tactics may include requests for additional personal or financial information, additional fees or taxes, claims of technical issues, regulatory restrictions, alleged violations of terms and conditions, or even threats of legal action. In reality, The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) has no intention of providing customer support or allowing investors to access their funds.


The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone) is a fraudulent entity that seeks to impersonate a legitimate investment fund authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland. It lacks any form of authorization or regulation and has no connection with the authentic The Emerald Fund ICAV. Investors who engage with this deceptive entity face significant financial losses and potential legal repercussions.

The Central Bank of Ireland has issued a warning notice to alert consumers about the risks associated with The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone). It is of utmost importance to exercise due diligence before engaging with any financial service provider and to promptly report any suspicious entities to the Central Bank. In the realm of investments, caution is the most potent weapon against deceptive schemes like The Emerald Fund ICAV (Clone).

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