Scam Broker STOXDC

Do You Want to Know If STOXDC Is Legitimate or a Scam? 

STOXDC is an unregulated broker that doesn’t provide much information about itself. The website says, “Everything you need at the tip of your fingertips.” Maybe they’ve told themselves that customers have everything they need and therefore, don’t provide any information. On the About US section STOXDC says they like to “Keep it simple.” However, they demand extensive know your customer registration, including photo ID and extensive information. Yet they won’t give any names or addresses for their own company. 

What’s the Deal with STOXDC?

We’ve come across many verified customer complaints about this broker. People claim that they’ve not been able to withdraw their money after making huge deposits. This is the typical behavior of a scam broker. We wouldn’t recommend trusting any unregulated broker and especially one that doesn’t reveal any information about themselves. This is definitely a red flag and we suggest staying away. 

Here Are Some Problems with STOXDC

  • No license
  • Huge minimum deposit
  • Verified customer complaints
  • No transparency.

What You Should Do If You Have an Account with TGCapital? 

You should close your account immediately and demand a withdrawal. If you do not receive a withdrawal, contact CryptoCoinTrace experts. We consult with clients, advise them on claims and have the tools and methods to track down your funds. The sooner talk to us, the greater the chances of a successful claim!

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