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Want to Trade with Read This First!

If you need financial services, avoid There are indications on their website that they may not be legitimate. Also, the FMA, the financial regulator of New Zealand has issued a warning that may be a clone website of licensed Ward Financial Services. These clone websites are sneaky. They pretend to be licensed but just want to fool customers into thinking they are legitimate. 

Is a Scam or Legitimate? 

The website content on is mediocre and causes suspicion. Always beware of brokers that promise “financial stability.” No one should trade unless they are solvent and stable financially. Although offers insurance services as well, financial stability is not the goal of insurance, but to prevent losses from causing financial insecurity. What’s the problem with this? The wording is intended to attract desperate people–a common scam tactic. Also, the website doesn’t indicate who runs this company. This isn’t a good sign. 

We Found Problems with

  • Clone financial services
  • Flagged by FMA 
  • Negative reviews
  • Problematic web content
  • No transparency. 

What Should You Do If You Have an Account with 

You should close your account with immediately and demand a withdrawal. If you do not receive a withdrawal, contact CryptoCoinTrace experts. We consult with clients, advise them on claims and have the tools and methods to track down your funds. The sooner talk to us, the greater the chances of a successful claim!

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