Scam Broker iEarn Bot

Do You Want to Know If iEarn Bot Is Legitimate or a Scam Broker? 

Of all the scams we investigate, iEarn Bot is one of the most famous–or should we say “infamous.” There is a lot of bad press about this fake investment opportunity, and yet the site is still alive and kicking. Some have said it is one of the largest crypto scams of all time, with 800,000 users in the Philippines alone and $1.3 billion going into just one mysterious bitcoin wallet. Are there signs that would warn potential investors to stay away from this crypto scam? Yes. 

There Are Some Problems with iEarn Bot 

The site seems basic for one that has such a large number of clients. Surely, they could afford a better design. Although, unlike many crypto scams, they present a white paper and names behind the bot, the format of the white paper itself looks like a paper a school kid would turn in. The names of the organization mentioned in the white paper are merely meant to impress–the actual organizations like MIT and Qualcomm have disavowed any connection with iEarn Bot. Don’t be fooled. 

iEarn Bot Was Flagged for Any of the Following:

  • No license
  • Sub-par website
  • Fake credentials
  • High-profile crypto scam
  • Many verified customer complaints

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