Scam Broker Galaxy AI Quantitative

Is Galaxy AI Quantitative the Real Deal or a Scam Broker?

Galaxy AI Quantitative has a rather lengthy name and tries to associate itself with the reputable company Galaxy Digital. However, Galaxy Digital, a licensed financial company, has publicly stated that it has no affiliation with Galaxy AI Quantitative. Interestingly, this broker has copied its entire website from another fraudulent broker, suggesting that they may be operated by the same group.

Something’s Up with Galaxy AI Quantitative

Even without knowing that Galaxy AI Quantitative borrowed its name from a licensed broker or copied its web design, it becomes evident that it’s highly likely to be a fake entity. They promise daily returns of 2%, which is quite unrealistic. Legitimate hedge funds generally provide annual returns of around 10%. The unrealistic returns they claim are just one issue; the fact that Galaxy AI Quantitative lacks a license is another concern. Moreover, they entice customers to exchange real currency for a worthless coin called GQT, which is essentially a scam.

Here Are Some Problems with Galaxy AI Quantitative

  • No license

  • No transparency
  • Clone of another broker
  • Guarantees unrealistic returns
  • Many customer complaints

If You Need Fund Recovery from Galaxy AI Quantitative, Talk to Us

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