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Warning Investors MabCredit – Regarding The Central Bank of Ireland has identified a fraudulent entity, “Zurich Ireland Plc,” impersonating a legitimate Central Bank-authorized firm to deceive customers by offering a fake investment, “Zurich – Sustainability Bond-Fund,” through unauthorized contact information and misleading tactics.


In the world of financial services, trust and credibility are paramount. Unfortunately, there are entities that attempt to exploit this trust by engaging in fraudulent activities. One such entity that has recently come under scrutiny is Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone). In this review, we will delve into the details surrounding this deceptive operation, shedding light on its dubious practices, lack of regulation, and the risks it poses to unsuspecting consumers.

Regulation and Compliance:

When it comes to the regulation of financial services in Ireland, the Central Bank of Ireland plays a pivotal role. On September 21, 2023, the Central Bank issued a stern warning regarding Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone), emphasizing that this entity has absolutely no affiliation with the authorized firm, Zurich Insurance plc. This alert serves as a stark reminder for consumers to consult the Central Bank’s official website for a list of authorized firms before engaging with any financial service provider.

Consumers dealing with unauthorized firms like Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone) should be acutely aware of the significant risks involved. In the unfortunate event of financial loss or breach of personal information, they will not be eligible for compensation from the Investor Compensation Scheme or the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

As anticipated, Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone) has garnered a reputation bereft of positive customer reviews. In stark contrast, it has amassed numerous complaints and instances of fraud. Reports from individuals who have been contacted by this deceptive entity reveal a disconcerting modus operandi, including:


– Unsolicited cold calls to potential customers, promising enticing insurance products and investment opportunities.

– The use of counterfeit documents and websites meticulously crafted to mimic the appearance and details of the legitimate Zurich Insurance plc.

– The solicitation of upfront fees and taxes prior to delivering promised policies or returns.

– Requests for sensitive personal or financial information, such as bank account details, passwords, or PINs.

Products and Services:

Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone) purports to offer a spectrum of insurance products and services, ranging from life insurance and car insurance to home insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and pension plans. Regrettably, these offerings are nothing more than an elaborate façade, designed to ensnare unsuspecting customers into parting with their money or divulging sensitive information.


A striking element of Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone)’s deceptive scheme is the use of the same address as the authorized firm, Zurich Insurance plc, located at Zurich House, Ballsbridge Park, Dublin 4. However, it’s imperative to recognize that this address does not serve as their actual location, and they maintain no physical presence there. Furthermore, they employ the same CRO registration number as the authorized firm (CRO registration number: 13460), yet this number has no legal bearing on Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone).

Customer Service:

Customers who fall victim to Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone) will find themselves without a legitimate customer service department to turn to. The entity relies on unregistered and untraceable phone numbers and email addresses. Notably, they evade responding to customer inquiries or complaints unless their aim is to extract more money or personal information from unsuspecting individuals.


In conclusion, Zurich Ireland Plc (Clone) is a fraudulent operation that has illicitly appropriated the name, address, and registration number of the reputable Zurich Insurance plc. Lacking authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland, this deceptive entity markets counterfeit insurance products and services and employs manipulative tactics to defraud consumers of their funds and sensitive information.

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