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Warning Investors Impersonation of CySEC representatives – Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)


CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, stands as a beacon of regulation in the world of financial markets in Cyprus. Tasked with overseeing investment firms, brokers, and fund managers, it is CySEC’s responsibility to ensure the protection of investors and the integrity of the market through regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, recent times have seen a surge in fraudulent impersonation cases involving scammers posing as CySEC officers and representatives. These imposters weave intricate webs of deceit, attempting to extort money from unsuspecting investors while promising to recover their losses or secure compensation from sanctioned firms. In this review, we delve into the dark world of these scammers, exploring their tactics and their impact on the financial landscape.

Regulation and Compliance:

In response to the alarming rise of fraudulent impersonation cases, CySEC has stepped forward to warn the public. They’ve highlighted the importance of vigilance and caution among investors. CySEC has compiled a list of fake websites mimicking their official site, urging investors to verify the authenticity of any communication they receive. It’s essential to note that CySEC never solicits fees or payments from investors, nor does it delegate third parties to contact investors on its behalf. The regulator has also called on investors to report suspicious cases to CySEC and relevant authorities, seeking further investigation.


For those attempting to impersonate CySEC officials and representatives, it is important to remember that they have no affiliation with the regulatory body. While they may employ names, titles, logos, and other details resembling CySEC, they lack any authorization to act on the regulator’s behalf. These imposters may even go as far as creating clone websites, meticulously replicating CySEC’s official site while employing different domain names or extensions. This not only tarnishes the reputation of CySEC but also underscores the importance of investor vigilance.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Unsurprisingly, these fraudulent impersonators have not garnered any positive customer reviews. Their fraudulent schemes have left countless investors disillusioned and at a loss. Instead, the internet is rife with negative reviews and complaints from those who’ve fallen victim to these scams or been targeted by impersonators. These stories serve as a warning to other potential victims, sharing experiences and advice on how to avoid falling into the same trap.

Products and Services:

The impersonators masquerading as CySEC officers and representatives do not provide genuine products or services to investors. Their modus operandi revolves around deceit, where they promise to recover lost investments or secure compensation from CySEC-sanctioned entities. However, these claims are mere bait, leading to demands for fees or personal information without any actual results. In some cases, they may attempt to lure investors into other fraudulent schemes or unregulated products, posing a significant threat to investors’ financial security.


One of the eerie aspects of this impersonation scam is that the culprits could be operating from anywhere worldwide. They exploit online platforms and tools for communication, creating a facade of fake addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses that might appear to be located in Cyprus or other countries. Yet, tracing or verifying their true location remains a daunting task as they employ proxy servers or VPNs to obscure their identity.

Customer Service:

Investors should not expect any semblance of customer service or support from these impersonators. They only engage with investors when soliciting fees or personal information, choosing to ignore or block them when pressed for proof or clarification. In some instances, they resort to threats and harassment to strong-arm investors into compliance or silence those who attempt to unveil their scams.


The impersonation of CySEC officers and representatives represents a grave threat to investors who may already have been victimized by fraudulent or regulated firms in Cyprus. These scammers employ a myriad of techniques to deceive investors and extract money from them, claiming to be CySEC officials or representatives capable of recovering losses or securing compensation. However, their intentions are far from noble, as they merely seek fees or personal information without delivering on their promises. Investors must be vigilant and cautious, verifying the authenticity of any communication from CySEC or its representatives and reporting any suspicious cases to the relevant authorities. Avoiding contact with these imposters is crucial to safeguard your investments and financial well-being.

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