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Warning Investors fvptrade.com – This entity is likely to be offering financial services to consumers. It does not hold any financial services license or credit license and is not authorized by a licensee. Providers of financial services must be licensed by local securities and commissions.


If you are looking for a reliable and regulated online broker, you should steer clear of fvptrade.com. This website is a scam that tries to lure unsuspecting investors with false promises of high returns and low fees. In this article, we will expose the red flags that indicate that fvptrade.com is not a legitimate business, but a fraudulent scheme that will steal your money and personal information. We will also provide some tips on how to avoid falling victim to such scams and how to report them to the authorities.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an online broker is whether it is regulated by a reputable authority. Regulation ensures that the broker follows certain rules and standards that protect the interests and rights of its clients. However, fvptrade.com is not regulated by any authority, nor does it have any license or registration number. This means that it operates illegally and without any oversight or accountability. Furthermore, fvptrade.com claims to be based in Australia, but it does not appear on the list of registered entities on the website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the regulator of financial services in Australia. In fact, ASIC has issued an alert warning the public about fvptrade.com and other similar scam websites.

Customer Support:

Another sign of a scam is the lack of customer support or communication channels. Fvptrade.com does not provide any phone number, email address, or physical address on its website. The only way to contact them is through a web form that requires you to enter your name, email, phone number, and message. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive a reply or that your information will be safe. Moreover, fvptrade.com does not have any social media presence or online reviews from verified customers. This suggests that it has no reputation or credibility in the market.

Customer Reviews:

While there are no positive reviews or testimonials from real customers of fvptrade.com, there are plenty of negative ones from people who have been scammed by this site. Many of them report that they have lost their money after depositing it with fvptrade.com, and that they have been unable to withdraw it or contact the site’s staff. Some of them also claim that they have been harassed by phone calls from fvptrade.com’s agents, who pressure them to invest more money or pay fees to access their funds. These stories confirm that fvptrade.com is a scam that does not honor its obligations or respect its clients.

How can crypto transactions be traced?

Fvptrade.com claims to offer trading services in various markets, including cryptocurrencies. However, this is another lie that they use to attract potential victims. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use encryption techniques to secure their transactions and control their creation. They operate on decentralized networks that are not controlled by any central authority or intermediary. Therefore, crypto transactions are generally anonymous and irreversible, which makes them attractive for scammers who want to evade detection and accountability. However, this does not mean that crypto transactions are completely untraceable. There are ways to track them using blockchain analysis tools, public records, or other sources of information. For example, one can follow the trail of transactions from one address to another on the blockchain ledger, which records all transactions in chronological order and verifies their validity. One can also use services like Chainalysis or CipherTrace to identify the owners of crypto addresses or wallets or link them to other entities like exchanges or service providers. Additionally, one can use clues like IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or social media profiles to associate crypto transactions with real identities.

Shielding Your Finances: Measures to Avoid Scam Brokerages

To protect yourself from scam brokerages like fvptrade.com, you should follow some basic measures before investing your money online. Here are some tips:

Do your research: Check the background and reputation of the broker you want to use. Look for reviews from other customers, ratings from independent agencies, awards or recognitions from reputable organizations, etc. Verify their registration and regulation status with the relevant authorities in your jurisdiction. Avoid brokers that are not regulated or licensed, or that have negative or no feedback from the public.

Read the terms and conditions: Before signing up or depositing any money, read the terms and conditions of the broker carefully. Look for any hidden fees, charges, or clauses that may limit your rights or expose you to risks. Be wary of brokers that offer unrealistic or guaranteed returns, bonuses, or incentives that may come with strings attached. Also, check the withdrawal and cancellation policies of the broker, and make sure they are clear and fair.

Use secure payment methods: When transferring money to or from the broker, use secure and reliable payment methods that offer protection and recourse in case of fraud or dispute. Avoid using methods that are anonymous, irreversible, or untraceable, such as wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards, etc. Also, avoid sharing your personal or financial information with anyone you do not trust or know.

Report any suspicious activity: If you encounter any signs of fraud or misconduct from the broker, report them to the authorities as soon as possible. You can contact ASIC or other regulators in your country to file a complaint or alert them about the scam. You can also contact your bank or payment provider to dispute any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. Additionally, you can share your experience with other investors online to warn them about the scam and prevent them from falling victim to it.


Fvptrade.com is a scam brokerage that you should avoid at all costs. It is not regulated or registered by any authority, and it does not provide any legitimate or reliable trading services. It is a fraudulent scheme that will steal your money and personal information, and leave you with no recourse or support. To protect yourself from such scams, you should do your research, read the terms and conditions, use secure payment methods, and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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