Fraudulent online trading platforms

Warning Investors Fraudulent online trading platforms – Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, opportunities for investments and trading abound. However, with the promise of financial gain comes the risk of encountering unscrupulous actors. The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has recently issued a warning against a multitude of new fraudulent trading platforms operating in the Belgian market. These platforms entice consumers with deceptive advertisements on social media and online video platforms. This review delves into the dangers posed by these platforms, their lack of regulation and compliance, reputation, customer support (or lack thereof), and the imperative need for vigilance to protect one’s investments.

Regulation and Compliance

The FSMA, as the regulatory authority for financial services in Belgium, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the financial sector. Its primary mandate is to supervise financial institutions and guarantee their compliance with pertinent laws and regulations. In response to the proliferation of dubious trading platforms, the FSMA has taken decisive action by issuing a stern warning against these platforms and unequivocally advising against any engagement with their financial services.

– Amos Limited (,

– Binetrix (

– Bitmarket Trader (

– BT Invest (


– Buycryptomarket (

– CapitalBMarket (

– CED Capital Ltd (cloned firm) (

– Coinex-VIP (

– Crypto-Tech (

– Crystals Capitals (;

– EconomyPair (,


– Financeslab (,,

– Gainful Markets (,,

– Intellect trades (

– Investwise (

– MarketsInvest (,

– Megainvestco (

– MGM Global (

– Mondial Investments (cloned firm) (,

– Mtcapitals (,

– Opticapital (,

– Otrade (;

– Phoenixtb (,

– Pioneer Markets (

– Platinum-Markets (

– Primenox (

– Statehills (

– Swiss-win (

– Tradercode (,

– Tradingexpo (

– TRC (,

– Universy invest (

– Upstream Market (


When assessing the reputation of these trading platforms, it’s important to highlight that they are virtually unknown in the legitimate financial world. They operate in the shadows, evading the scrutiny and oversight imposed by regulatory authorities. Due to their fraudulent nature, these platforms have yet to establish any reputation or credibility. Investors should exercise extreme caution and refrain from dealing with entities that lack a positive track record or any form of recognition within the industry.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews

One notable aspect of these fraudulent trading platforms is the conspicuous absence of customer reviews. This absence is not due to a lack of customers but rather because these platforms operate clandestinely, avoiding public scrutiny and accountability. Investors should take this absence of feedback as a glaring red flag. It’s a clear indication that these platforms are operating on the fringes of legality, precluding investors from making informed decisions.

Products and Services

These deceptive trading platforms tempt potential investors with a broad spectrum of financial products and services, ranging from stocks and forex to indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. While the offerings may seem enticing, it is imperative to recognize that these platforms operate without the necessary authorizations and are likely fraudulent. Their services are, at best, dubious and, at worst, outright scams.


One significant challenge posed by these fraudulent platforms is their international presence. The majority of these platforms are based abroad, which complicates any legal action or attempts to recover lost investments. Their offshore locations create significant hurdles for investors seeking restitution, as they often fall outside the jurisdiction of local authorities.

Customer Service

Deceptive trading platforms often employ customer service representatives who are highly trained in the art of persuasion. Their goal is to convince investors to pour more money into their schemes. However, it is essential to understand that these representatives are most likely complicit in the fraudulent activities of the platform. Investors must remain vigilant and refrain from engaging with them, as doing so could result in the loss of even more funds.


In conclusion, the proliferation of fraudulent trading platforms poses a grave risk to investors seeking to grow their wealth through financial markets. The FSMA’s stern warning against these platforms is a clear signal that they operate in a legally questionable manner and are not to be trusted. Investment fraud is a serious crime, and the consequences can be financially devastating. To protect their hard-earned money, investors must exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant.

If any doubts or concerns arise, investors should immediately contact the FSMA using the consumer contact form. Additionally, filing a complaint with local law enforcement or judicial authorities is a critical step in holding these fraudulent trading platforms accountable. In the ever-evolving landscape of financial opportunities, knowledge, caution, and diligence are your best allies in safeguarding your investments.

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