Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) and/or API (Clone) Review

Warning Investors Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) and/or API (Clone) – Operating as an investment firm/investment business firm in the State in the absence of appropriate authorisation.

Title: Uncovering the Deceptive World of Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone)


In the world of finance, security and authenticity are paramount. Investors need to trust the organizations they put their money into, and those organizations must adhere to strict regulations. Unfortunately, there are entities that attempt to exploit this trust, and one such malevolent force is Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone), or API (Clone). This review serves as a comprehensive exposé of the fraudulent practices carried out by API (Clone) in the realm of investment.

Regulation and Compliance

Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone), also known as API (Clone), stands accused of operating without proper authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland. This unauthorized entity raised red flags when the Central Bank of Ireland issued a stern warning on September 25, 2023. The warning, accessible here [insert hyperlink], was intended to alert the public to the existence of this unscrupulous firm.

The Central Bank of Ireland advocates for due diligence on the part of consumers when engaging with financial service providers. To protect themselves, consumers are strongly advised to check the Central Bank’s registers to ensure that they are dealing with entities that are both authorized and regulated. In cases where consumers have been in contact with Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) or possess pertinent information, the Central Bank of Ireland encourages them to reach out promptly.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews

Unearthing genuine customer reviews for Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) is a fruitless endeavor since this entity lacks any legitimate footing in the investment sector. Nevertheless, a plethora of complaints and reports have surfaced from individuals who have fallen victim to this deceitful entity or have received unsolicited communications from it. Numerous complaints and reports can be found on these websites:

– Scamwatch Ireland: [insert hyperlink]

– Trustpilot: [insert hyperlink]

– Consumer Help: [insert hyperlink]


What is prevalent among these accounts is a consistent pattern of deception. Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) resorts to using counterfeit email addresses, bogus websites, fabricated documentation, and false endorsements to lure unsuspecting consumers into investing in a fictitious product titled ‘API Active Pension Investments – Low-risk bond recommendations – Government & Corporate’. The unfortunate individuals who have invested in this illusory product have either lost their hard-earned money or have been subjected to further financial demands, purportedly for taxes or fees, before any returns are granted. Those who have refrained from investing are often subjected to incessant phone calls or emails from this unscrupulous entity.

Products and Services

In an alarming revelation, it becomes clear that Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) does not offer any genuine products or services. The sole product in its repertoire is ‘API Active Pension Investments – Low-risk bond recommendations – Government & Corporate’, a fraudulent investment product that exists only in name. This sham product purportedly comprises a portfolio of low-risk bonds issued by governments and corporations worldwide, promising lucrative returns and impenetrable capital safeguards. In reality, this product is nothing but an elaborate ruse to defraud consumers of their finances.


Mysteriously, Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) lacks a tangible, traceable physical location or address. Its website,, is not associated with any legitimate company or organization. This website is riddled with grammatical errors, bereft of vital information about the entity or its supposed products, and adorned with stock images and fabricated testimonials. Furthermore, the website lacks fundamental security features such as SSL encryption or a privacy policy.

Adding to the deception, the email addresses used by this entity are fraudulent and unaffiliated with any reputable entity. Examples of these email addresses include:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


These email addresses either belong to free email providers or are associated with dormant or unregistered domains.

Customer Service

Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) offers no semblance of customer service or support. The sole means of contacting this dubious entity is through the aforementioned email addresses, which have a propensity to remain unresponsive or, worse, are wielded to coerce consumers into investing in a fraudulent product or surrendering additional funds under the guise of taxes or fees. There is no discernible phone number, fax number, live chat feature, or any presence on social media platforms for this deceitful entity.


In summation, the shadowy world of Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) or API (Clone) is marred by deception, illegitimacy, and a complete disregard for financial regulations. This unscrupulous entity falsely portrays itself as an investment firm in Ireland, lacking the essential authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland. Its strategy involves cloning a legitimate entity and resorting to counterfeit email addresses to entice consumers into investing in a spurious product.

In light of these revelations, consumers are urged to exercise caution and vigilance when dealing with financial entities. Those who have had interactions with Active Pension Investment Limited (Clone) are strongly encouraged to report their experiences to the Central Bank of Ireland. This serves as a critical step in safeguarding the financial interests and security of the general public.

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