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Warning Investors 360CapitalFM – Regarding fraudulent practices, issues with the registration of securities/derivatives, reporting requirements, and market intermediaries.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and accessible, but they also come with risks and challenges. One of the biggest threats to crypto investors is scam brokerages that lure them with false promises and steal their money. In this blog post, we will expose one of these fraudulent platforms: 360CapitalFM.

Regulation and Compliance:

360CapitalFM claims to be a regulated and licensed broker that offers crypto trading services in various countries. However, this is a lie. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), 360CapitalFM is not authorized to operate in Australia and has been blacklisted by the regulator. Moreover, 360CapitalFM does not have any valid license or registration in any other jurisdiction. This means that 360CapitalFM is operating illegally and without any oversight or protection for its clients.

Customer Support:

Another red flag of 360CapitalFM is its poor and unprofessional customer support. Many users have reported that 360CapitalFM’s representatives are rude, aggressive, and unresponsive. They often pressure clients to deposit more money or refuse to process withdrawal requests. Some users have even received threats and harassment from 360CapitalFM’s agents. This is a clear sign of a scam brokerage that does not care about its customers’ satisfaction or safety.

Customer Reviews:

If you search online for 360CapitalFM’s customer reviews, you will find many negative and alarming testimonials. Many users have shared their stories of how they lost their money to 360CapitalFM and how they were unable to recover it. Some users have even reported that 360CapitalFM hacked their accounts or blocked their access to the platform. These reviews confirm that 360CapitalFM is a scam brokerage that cannot be trusted.

How can crypto transactions be traced?

One of the main features of cryptocurrencies is their anonymity and privacy. However, this does not mean that crypto transactions are completely untraceable. Every transaction on a blockchain network is recorded and stored in a public ledger that anyone can access. This means that anyone can see the addresses, amounts, and timestamps of the transactions. However, these data do not reveal the real identities of the parties involved, unless they use a centralized service like an exchange or a wallet that requires personal information. Therefore, crypto transactions can be traced by linking the addresses to the real-world identities of the users.

Shielding Your Finances: Measures to Avoid Scam Brokerages

To avoid falling victim to scam brokerages like 360CapitalFM, you need to take some precautionary measures. Here are some tips to help you shield your finances from fraud:

– Do your research before choosing a broker. Check their reputation, regulations, license, customer reviews, and terms and conditions.

– Avoid brokers that offer unrealistic returns, bonuses, or guarantees. These are usually bait to lure you into depositing more money.

– Use secure and reputable platforms to buy, sell, or store your cryptocurrencies. Avoid using unregulated or unknown services that may compromise your security or privacy.

– Never share your personal or financial information with anyone online. Scam brokers may use phishing or social engineering techniques to trick you into revealing your sensitive data.

– Be wary of unsolicited calls or emails from brokers that pressure you to invest or trade with them. These are usually signs of fraud or manipulation.

– If you suspect that you have been scammed by a broker, report it to the authorities and seek legal advice as soon as possible.


360CapitalFM is a scam brokerage that pretends to offer crypto trading services but in reality, steals its clients’ money. It has been blacklisted by ASIC and has no valid license or regulation in any country. It also has poor customer support, negative reviews, and fraudulent practices. To protect your finances from scam brokerages like 360CapitalFM, you need to do your research, use secure platforms, and be vigilant of the red flags.

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