XTREMEPLC Broker Review

XTREMEPLC is a forex and CFD broker that claims to offer a wide range of trading instruments, low spreads, fast execution, and excellent customer service. But are they really trustworthy or just another scam? In this blog post, we will review XTREMEPLC and see if they are worth your time and money.

First of all, let’s look at their regulatory status. XTREMEPLC is owned and operated by a company called XTREMEPLC Ltd, which is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is a notorious offshore jurisdiction that does not have any serious financial oversight or consumer protection. This means that XTREMEPLC is not licensed or regulated by any reputable authority, and therefore, they can operate as they please without any accountability or transparency.

This is a huge red flag, as it exposes traders to a high risk of fraud and abuse. There is no guarantee that XTREMEPLC will keep your funds safe, segregate them from their own, or honor your withdrawal requests. In fact, there are many complaints online from customers who claim that XTREMEPLC has denied them access to their money, manipulated their trades, or closed their accounts without explanation.

Another thing that raises suspicion about XTREMEPLC is their trading conditions. They offer four types of accounts: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The minimum deposit for the Basic account is $250, which is higher than the industry average of $100. The spreads are also very high, starting from 3 pips for the EUR/USD pair. This means that you will pay more in fees and commissions than you would with a more competitive broker.

Moreover, XTREMEPLC does not provide any information about their trading platform, leverage, or payment methods. They only mention that they support MetaTrader 4, but they do not provide any download links or screenshots of their platform. They also do not disclose what leverage they offer, which could be dangerously high and lead to significant losses. And they do not specify what payment methods they accept or what fees they charge for deposits and withdrawals.

All in all, we do not recommend trading with XTREMEPLC. They are an unregulated and unprofessional broker that does not have anything to offer to traders. They are likely a scam that will try to lure you in with false promises and then rip you off. You should avoid them at all costs and look for a more reliable and reputable broker instead.

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