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Warning Investors XFortunes – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


In the world of online trading, XFortunes claims to be a beacon of opportunity, offering a range of assets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, all with the allure of low spreads, high leverage, rapid execution, and enticing bonuses. However, before you are lured in by these attractive features, it’s crucial to understand that XFortunes is far from being a legitimate or trustworthy broker. In reality, it’s an offshore scam that has earned a dubious reputation within the industry. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the various aspects that make XFortunes one to avoid at all costs.

Regulation and Compliance:

The foremost concern when selecting a broker is its regulatory status. A regulated broker adheres to stringent rules and standards designed to safeguard the interests and funds of its clients. The regulation requires brokers to submit regular reports, undergo audits, and participate in compensation schemes to protect clients in cases of insolvency or fraud.

Unfortunately, XFortunes is not regulated by any reputable authority. Instead, it is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a notorious offshore jurisdiction known for its lax oversight of forex brokers. This lack of regulation allows XFortunes to operate without any accountability or oversight. Adding to the concern, the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has flagged XFortunes as an unregistered entity soliciting investors in Alberta. The ASC issued an investor alert on September 29, 2022, warning the public to steer clear of XFortunes and similar offshore brokers. The ASC explicitly stated that XFortunes is not authorized to trade securities or derivatives in Alberta, raising suspicions of illegal or fraudulent activities.

Location: A Mystery

Another red flag with XFortunes is its apparent lack of transparency regarding its location and contact details. The broker does not provide a physical address or a phone number on its website, leaving users with an online form or an email address as their only means of contact. This lack of transparency raises serious doubts about the broker’s credibility and reliability. How can one trust a broker that hides its location and contact information? Such opacity makes it challenging to verify their identity or seek resolution in case of disputes or problems.


A quick online search reveals the overwhelmingly negative reputation that XFortunes holds among traders and reviewers. Numerous users have reported a litany of issues and complaints, including:

– Difficulty in withdrawing funds or receiving no withdrawals at all.

– High-pressure tactics to deposit more money or accept bonuses.

– Manipulation of prices and execution.

– Poor customer service and communication.

– False or misleading information and promises.

These consistently negative experiences should be a clear warning sign to anyone considering XFortunes as their broker of choice.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

XFortunes’ customer service further compounds its problems. The broker’s customer support is notoriously unresponsive and unhelpful. Many clients have struggled to contact the broker via phone or email, with some receiving no response at all. Reports of harassment and negligence by the broker’s representatives, particularly when attempting to withdraw funds or close accounts, are all too common. Such poor customer service is inexcusable in an industry where trust and reliability are paramount.


In conclusion, XFortunes is a broker to be avoided at all costs. It lacks regulation, transparency, reputation, and reliability. Regulators have blacklisted it, and reviewers have exposed its subpar services, unresponsive customer support, and questionable practices. Dealing with XFortunes poses a significant risk to your finances, with the potential for lost funds and blocked withdrawals.

For those seeking a legitimate and trustworthy broker, the key is to choose one regulated by a reputable authority, such as the IIROC in Canada. Additionally, thorough research of reviews and ratings from other traders and experts is essential when selecting an online trading platform. Your financial security and peace of mind should always be a top priority, and XFortunes falls far short of meeting these criteria.

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