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In the vast and dynamic world of online trading, finding a reliable broker is crucial for success. Among the plethora of options available, Vortic United has emerged as a contender, boasting a range of trading instruments, competitive spreads, and a promise of excellent customer service. However, before entrusting your funds to any broker, it’s essential to conduct a thorough review. In this comprehensive assessment, we will delve into various aspects of Vortic United to determine whether it is a legitimate broker or a potential scam.

Regulation and Compliance:

Arguably the most critical factor in evaluating a broker’s credibility is its regulation and compliance. A regulated broker operates under the oversight of a reputable financial authority, ensuring adherence to industry rules and standards. Unfortunately, Vortic United falls short in this regard. Registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a known offshore jurisdiction with lax regulations, the broker operates without being held accountable to any authority. This absence of regulation raises concerns about the security of clients’ funds and data, leaving them vulnerable in the event of bankruptcy or fraudulent activities.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Another key aspect that influences a broker’s reputation is customer support and reviews. A reliable broker should have a responsive and professional customer service team to assist clients promptly. Additionally, positive customer reviews indicate a broker’s commitment to delivering satisfactory services. Regrettably, Vortic United appears to disappoint in both areas.

Customer reviews of Vortic United are predominantly negative, with numerous complaints about poor customer service, high fees, delayed withdrawals, false promises, and aggressive marketing tactics. Some clients have even gone so far as to label the broker as a potential scam, cautioning others to steer clear. The lack of positive feedback and the prevalence of grievances raise red flags regarding Vortic United’s reliability.

Products and Services:

A reputable broker should offer a diverse range of products and services to cater to the varying needs of traders. This includes competitive trading conditions such as low spreads, high leverage, fast execution, and transparent fee structures. Unfortunately, Vortic United falls short in this area as well.

The broker offers only four types of accounts, with a relatively high minimum deposit of $250 for the Basic account. Spreads for the Basic account are notably high, starting from 3 pips for major currency pairs. The fixed leverage of 1:100 across all accounts is lower than industry standards, and additional charges for commissions, withdrawals, and inactivity further contribute to an unfavorable trading environment.


Physical presence in the regions where a broker operates is another indicator of its reliability. Local phone numbers and addresses provide clients with tangible points of contact in case of issues or queries. Unfortunately, Vortic United lacks a physical presence anywhere. With only one phone number and email address, both based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, clients have limited avenues to reach the broker for support or assistance.

Customer Service:

A responsive and professional customer service team is indispensable for addressing clients’ concerns and inquiries. Ideally, a broker should offer multiple communication channels, including phone, email, live chat, and social media. Unfortunately, Vortic United’s customer service falls short of industry standards.

With only one phone number and one email address, the broker’s customer service is often reported as unresponsive or unreachable. The absence of live chat or social media support further limits clients’ options, and numerous reports suggest that customer service agents are perceived as rude, unhelpful, or even abusive.


After a comprehensive examination of Vortic United, it is evident that this broker raises significant concerns and is not a trustworthy choice for traders. The absence of regulation leaves clients without essential safeguards for their funds and data. The poor trading conditions, coupled with negative customer reviews and subpar customer service, create an environment that is far from conducive to successful trading.

In light of these findings, our conclusion is clear: Vortic United appears to be more of a scam than a legitimate broker. We strongly advise potential investors to exercise caution and explore alternative options with a proven track record of reliability and transparency. Choosing a reputable broker is paramount for a successful trading experience, and Vortic United, based on our assessment, does not meet the necessary criteria for trustworthiness.

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