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Investors Beware – Trade Rescue – Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)

Trade Rescue: A Dubious Platform Not to Be Trusted


In the murky waters of the financial industry, traders are constantly on the lookout for assistance when they fall victim to fraudulent brokers and online scams. In this quest for financial justice, they may come across Trade Rescue, a platform that claims to be the beacon of hope for those seeking to recover lost funds. Promising services like chargeback assistance, legal consultation, and asset recovery, Trade Rescue asserts its expertise in the financial sector, boasting an impressive success rate of over 90%. However, there are numerous ominous indicators that suggest that Trade Rescue might not be the savior it portrays itself to be. This review delves into these alarming aspects to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the platform.

Regulation and Compliance: FCA Issues Warning

One of the most significant red flags casting a shadow of doubt over Trade Rescue is its blacklisting by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA, as the guardian of the financial services industry in the UK, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding consumers against fraud and malfeasance. On October 8, 2021, the FCA issued a stern warning against Trade Rescue, explicitly stating that the platform lacks authorization to provide financial services or products in the UK and may be actively targeting UK consumers. They advised consumers to steer clear of any involvement with Trade Rescue and encouraged reporting if they had been approached by the platform. This ominous warning from the FCA raises substantial concerns about the legitimacy and integrity of Trade Rescue.

Location: A Phantom Address

Another glaring red flag pointing to the dubious nature of Trade Rescue is its dubious address. Trade Rescue claims to operate from Karduansmakargatan 2C, Stockholm, SWEDEN, 111 52. However, a simple Google search unravels the fact that this address does not exist in Stockholm; it’s a phantom location. Furthermore, Trade Rescue provides no other means of contact, such as a phone number or an email address, making it exceptionally challenging to ascertain their authenticity and credibility.


Trade Rescue’s reputation in the market is far from stellar. The scarcity of online reviews about the platform is a concern in itself. However, the few reviews that do exist are overwhelmingly negative. Many customers have shared their grievances, asserting that Trade Rescue accepted their money but failed to deliver on any of their promises. Some have gone to the extent of accusing Trade Rescue of being an integral part of the same scam network that initially swindled them. 

On the flip side, the positive reviews that Trade Rescue does possess appear dubious. These reviews are characterized by poor English, generic names, and stock photos. They sing praises of Trade Rescue without providing specific evidence or details. It’s highly likely that these reviews are either authored by Trade Rescue itself or paid reviewers.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews

Trade Rescue’s services, primarily chargeback assistance, legal consultation, and asset recovery, have proven to be far from professional and effective. Chargeback assistance, a service designed to help clients reclaim funds from fraudulent transactions, is unimpressive. Trade Rescue offers generic information and advice that can be readily found online for free, all while charging exorbitant fees. These fees sometimes surpass the amount the client is trying to recover.

Legal consultation, another service Trade Rescue claims to offer, involves seeking legal advice. However, the platform lacks qualified or licensed lawyers, instead referring clients to third-party lawyers whose credibility may be questionable. This extra layer of service comes at an additional cost that might not be necessary or beneficial for the client’s case.

Asset recovery, the third pillar of their services, promises to reclaim the client’s assets from scammers. However, Trade Rescue’s track record is tainted by empty promises and guarantees of swift fund recovery within an unrealistically short period. Upfront fees are charged for this service, and there’s no guarantee of a refund if the promised results fail to materialize.


Trade Rescue is a platform that appears to be, by all accounts, a scam in itself, preying on the vulnerability of traders who have already fallen victim to online fraud. The services they offer not only fail to deliver but can exacerbate the client’s losses. To further compound the issue, the FCA has blacklisted them, a significant warning sign. Negative reviews far outweigh positive ones, some of which are suspiciously fake. Trade Rescue operates with a fake address and provides no alternative contact information, a practice that raises questions about its legitimacy.

In light of these concerns, it is strongly advisable to avoid Trade Rescue at all costs. Refrain from entrusting them with personal and financial information, avoid payment of any fees or deposits, and don’t buy into their deceptive promises. Instead, report Trade Rescue or any other questionable platform to the authorities and seek assistance from a reputable and regulated company. To prevent falling prey to online scams, invest in educating yourself and protecting your assets for the future. Remember, caution is your best ally in the world of online trading and financial recovery.

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