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Warning Investors Tools4deals

Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


When considering investment opportunities, ensuring trust and reliability is paramount. Tools4deals, unfortunately, falls far short of these standards. This blog review is designed to provide you with unique insights into the operations of Tools4deals, which has been flagged as a suspected boiler room scam by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). We’ll delve into what characterizes a boiler room scam, how Tools4deals operates, and most importantly, why you should steer clear of their dubious offers.

Regulation and Compliance:

Tools4deals portrays itself as a market intermediary offering investment and trading advice, collective investment schemes, brokerage, dealing, and transfer services. However, what’s concerning is that the company operates without any valid license or authorization from the AFM or any other regulatory body in the Netherlands or Europe. This essentially means Tools4deals is operating illegally and without oversight, leaving investors without any protections for their rights and interests.

The AFM issued a public warning against Tools4deals on September 21, 2023, categorizing the company as a suspected boiler room. You can verify this warning on the AFM’s official website: [AFM Warning on Tools4deals](

Customer Reviews:

While there are not many customer reviews available online about Tools4deals, this is unsurprising given its fraudulent nature. Nonetheless, the few reviews that do exist paint a grim picture. Customers have shared experiences of being relentlessly pursued by Tools4deals’ sales representatives, who employ high-pressure tactics to persuade them into investing in shares that ultimately turn out to be either worthless or fictitious. Some customers have also expressed their inability to withdraw funds or establish contact with the company after realizing they fell victim to a scam.

Here are a couple of customer testimonials we found on Trustpilot:

– “Tools4deals contacted me with an enticing offer to invest in a cutting-edge technology company. Their professionalism and persuasion won me over, so I decided to give it a shot. After wiring them an initial amount, I received some documents to sign. However, I never received any confirmation email for my purchase. When I tried to reach them, their phone line was dead, and their website was down. It was clear I had been scammed, and my money was gone.”

– “Tools4deals is unequivocally a fraud. They repeatedly called me, convincing me to invest in stocks they claimed were about to skyrocket. They presented impressive charts and promised high returns. Initially, I invested a small amount, but they relentlessly pressured me to invest more, labeling it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Trusting them, I invested more, only to realize the stocks were underperforming. When I sought an explanation, they provided vague responses and eventually stopped responding to my calls and emails. My online account was blocked. I reached out to the AFM and discovered that Tools4deals was a boiler room scam, resulting in the loss of all my investments.”

Products and Services:

Tools4deals offers no legitimate products or services. The company operates as a boiler room scam, deploying fake or stolen identities, websites, phone numbers, and addresses to lure unsuspecting investors into purchasing worthless or non-existent shares. Furthermore, the company lacks any physical presence or operations in the Netherlands or anywhere else.

Although the company’s website ( is no longer accessible, we managed to find a screenshot of it on the Wayback Machine. The website’s amateurish design and numerous spelling and grammatical errors raise immediate red flags. On the site, Tools4deals claims to be a “leading provider of financial services” with “over 20 years of experience” and “over 1000 satisfied clients.” It also features fabricated testimonials from supposed clients praising the company’s performance and professionalism.

Notably, the website provides no information regarding the company’s ownership, management, registration, license, address, or contact details. The sole means of contacting the company are through an online form or a phone number (+31 20 808 1229), which is no longer in service.


Tools4deals lacks a physical location or address in the Netherlands or elsewhere. The company employs a virtual office service (Regus) to create the illusion of a legitimate presence in Amsterdam. The address utilized by the company (Herengracht 124-128, 1015 BT Amsterdam) is, in reality, a shared office space available for short-term rental by anyone.

Customer Service:

Tools4deals offers no customer service or support. The only contact customers have with the company is through its sales representatives, who focus solely on pressuring individuals to invest more money. Once customers realize they have fallen victim to a scam, they are unable to reach the company or receive any response. The company’s phone number and email are disconnected, and its website is defunct.


In summary, Tools4deals is a boiler room scam that should be avoided at all costs. The company lacks regulation or authorization from the AFM or any other governing body and offers no legitimate products or services. Its sales representatives employ deceitful tactics to convince investors to purchase worthless or fictitious shares. Investing with Tools4deals means risking the loss of all your funds with no recourse for recovery. Your financial security is far too important to be entrusted to such a dubious entity. Stay vigilant, and always conduct thorough due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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