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TextDIY markets itself as a text generation service catering to various writing needs, but a closer look reveals a facade masking a deceitful operation. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the murky waters of TextDIY, exposing its lack of regulation, subpar customer reviews, and the overall threat it poses to users’ financial security and privacy. Unmasking the truth is essential to steer clear of this dubious platform and opt for dependable alternatives in the text-generation landscape.

Regulation and Compliance:

Operating under a veil of obscurity, TextDIY raises immediate concerns by lacking any form of regulation or accreditation. This absence of credentials exposes the service’s dubious nature, with no verifiable proof of legitimacy or quality. The website fails to provide essential documentation such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy, or contact information, painting a clear picture of a fraudulent enterprise with little regard for customer rights. The secretive approach to its identity and location further cements TextDIY’s status as an untrustworthy entity.

Customer Reviews:

A scant number of customer reviews on TextDIY’s website reveal a disturbing trend of negativity and suspicion. Complaints range from poor quality and plagiarism to delayed deliveries and inadequate communication. Customers have reported instances of overcharging, refund refusals, and even being denied access to the platform after seeking revisions or cancellations. External platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reddit echo the same sentiments, corroborating TextDIY’s questionable reputation and highlighting its abysmal customer satisfaction.

Products and Services:

While TextDIY boasts about offering versatile text generation services, the reality is far from promising. Texts generated by TextDIY are not only of low quality but also riddled with errors, irrelevant content, and blatant plagiarism. Instead of utilizing advanced algorithms, TextDIY resorts to copying and pasting content from sources like Wikipedia, online articles, and books without proper attribution. The failure to adhere to customer instructions renders TextDIY an ineffective and wasteful choice for any text generation needs.


TextDIY compounds its lack of transparency by withholding critical information about its location or origin. With no disclosed physical address, phone number, email, or presence on social media, TextDIY becomes an elusive entity, making it impossible to trace or contact in the event of issues or disputes. This opacity suggests the possibility of TextDIY operating in a high-risk region with lax regulations, potentially utilizing fake or proxy servers to conceal its true location — a tactic commonly employed by scammers to evade detection.

Customer Support:

Adding to the list of concerns, TextDIY’s customer support is virtually nonexistent. The platform fails to address customer queries, complaints, feedback, or requests, offering no avenues for communication such as live chat, phone support, email, or a ticket system. The dismissive attitude toward customer issues, coupled with the absence of guarantees, warranties, revisions, refunds, or compensations, underscores TextDIY’s disregard for customer satisfaction and reinforces its status as an unreliable service.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?


The answer is a resounding no. Entrusting your money to an unregulated company like TextDIY is a perilous decision. The platform lacks essential security measures and encryption methods to safeguard personal and financial information. Without proper verification or authentication processes, TextDIY exposes users to the risk of their information being used for illegal or malicious purposes, including identity theft, fraud, and phishing attempts. Additionally, the absence of transparent payment processes opens the door to potential overcharging, hidden fees, or outright refusal to process payments.


In conclusion, TextDIY emerges as a fraudulent and deceitful website that fails to deliver on its promises of quality text generation services. Beyond offering low-quality, error-laden, irrelevant, and plagiarized content, TextDIY operates without regulation, shrouded in secrecy, and devoid of essential information or customer support. The platform poses a significant risk to both time and money, compromising user security and privacy. To safeguard yourself from this scam, it is imperative to steer clear of TextDIY and opt for reputable alternatives that prioritize reliability and trustworthiness.

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