SwissWealth Limited Broker Review

Investors Warning SwissWealth Limited aka SwissWealth Investment Company, found at and at is not registered in Ontario to engage in the business of trading in securities.


SwissWealth Limited, also known as SwissWealth Investment Company, portrays itself as an investment service provider. However, potential investors should tread with caution, as both the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) have raised red flags regarding the company’s legitimacy. Both regulatory bodies have issued warnings, pointing out that SwissWealth Limited is not registered for trading in securities[1][2]. This review delves into the concerns surrounding this company, focusing on its reputation, compliance, customer support, and customer reviews.

Regulation and Compliance:

A critical aspect to consider when evaluating any investment opportunity is the regulatory standing of the company in question. SwissWealth Limited has not managed to acquire the necessary authorization to offer investment services in Ontario and Alberta[1][2]. This regulatory omission should sound alarm bells for prospective investors. Unregistered companies may not adhere to the same regulatory standards and investor protections as their registered counterparts, potentially exposing investors to unnecessary risks. This fact raises questions about SwissWealth Limited’s credibility and whether it operates within the confines of the law.


The reputation of an investment company is often a significant determinant of its trustworthiness. Unfortunately, SwissWealth Limited’s reputation is tainted by the aforementioned warnings issued by both the OSC and ASC. These regulatory bodies do not issue cautions lightly, and the presence of such warnings suggests that investors should approach the company with a high degree of skepticism.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

The lack of customer reviews for SwissWealth Limited is not surprising, given the company’s limited transparency about its services and products. Potential investors struggle to make informed decisions when they lack information about what exactly the company offers. Moreover, the absence of reviews means that there is no reliable source of feedback from previous clients to gauge the quality of their services or assess the safety of their investments.


In conclusion, SwissWealth Limited, operating as SwissWealth Investment Company, is a company that should be approached with extreme caution. The lack of transparency regarding its products and services, coupled with the regulatory warnings issued by the OSC and ASC, raises significant concerns about the safety and legitimacy of its investment offerings. The absence of customer reviews further compounds these concerns.

Potential investors should heed the warnings from regulatory authorities and thoroughly evaluate any investment opportunity, seeking professional advice when necessary, before entrusting their hard-earned money to a company like SwissWealth Limited.


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