Warning Consumers – against using for online shopping, citing its fraudulent and deceptive practices, including selling counterfeit products and lacking essential legal compliance, making it a high-risk platform for potential scams and substandard products. It strongly advises readers to avoid any interaction with to protect themselves from financial and personal risks. A Deep Dive into Its Dubious Practices


Online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives, offering convenience and accessibility like never before. However, with the growing number of online retailers, it’s crucial for consumers to be cautious and discerning when choosing where to shop. One website that has recently come under scrutiny is While it may initially seem like a promising place for deals and discounts, a closer look reveals a web of deception and fraudulent activities. In this review, we will delve into the world of, exploring its practices, regulatory compliance, customer support, and the experiences of its customers. The goal is to provide potential shoppers with a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with this platform.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the fundamental aspects of evaluating an online store’s legitimacy is its adherence to regulations and industry standards. Unfortunately, when it comes to, the signs of compliance are alarmingly absent. Several key indicators point to its failure in this regard.

Financial Institution & Regulatory License:

A legitimate online retailer typically has robust security measures in place to protect sensitive customer information and transactions. This includes obtaining the necessary licenses and certificates to operate legally. However, falls short in this aspect. It lacks essential security certificates, privacy policies, terms and conditions, and refund policies. This absence of proper documentation not only raises concerns about the safety of financial transactions on the platform but also indicates a lack of transparency and a potential disregard for customer rights and privacy.

Moreover, is conspicuously void of logos or approval seals from recognized organizations or authorities. These badges of trust are typically displayed by reputable businesses to assure customers of their credibility. Their absence on further diminishes the platform’s trustworthiness and adds to the suspicion surrounding its operations.

Intellectual Property Rights Violation:

Another significant red flag associated with is its blatant violation of intellectual property rights. The website has been found copying content and product images from other legitimate online retailers without proper attribution or permission. This not only infringes on the intellectual property of the original creators but also indicates a willingness to engage in dishonest practices. Such behavior raises questions about the integrity of and its potential involvement in more sinister activities, including phishing, identity theft, or credit card fraud.

Customer information may be harvested without consent or knowledge, putting customers at risk of financial loss and privacy breaches. This complete disregard for intellectual property rights and ethical business conduct is a serious issue that potential customers should be aware of.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

The backbone of any successful online retailer is its customer support and the experiences of its customers. Let’s explore how fares in these critical aspects.

Customer Support:

Customer support is an essential part of any reputable online business. It is through customer support that customers can seek assistance, resolve issues, and address concerns. Unfortunately, when it comes to, the customer support provided is sorely lacking.

The most glaring issue is the absence of any concrete means of contact. The website does not provide a physical address, phone number, or live chat support, leaving customers in the dark regarding the platform’s whereabouts. The sole point of contact is an email address, which, more often than not, has been reported as invalid or unresponsive. This lack of transparency and effective communication channels makes it nearly impossible for customers to track their orders, verify the legitimacy of the platform, or seek assistance in the event of issues or returns.

Additionally, does not offer guarantees, warranties, or after-sales support, further exacerbating the lack of trust between the platform and its customers. There are no customer loyalty programs, discounts, coupons, or free shipping offers, indicating that prioritizes its financial gain over customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Reviews:

A key aspect of evaluating an online retailer’s trustworthiness is the feedback and reviews from previous customers. A legitimate online store typically has a wealth of genuine customer reviews and testimonials, showcasing the quality of its products and services. However, conspicuously lacks any genuine customer reviews or testimonials on its website.

The limited feedback available online primarily stems from customers who have had unfortunate experiences with and have shared their grievances on various forums and blogs. These complaints encompass a wide range of issues, including delayed or undelivered orders, subpar customer service, receipt of defective or incorrect products, difficulties in obtaining refunds, and unauthorized credit card charges.

What is particularly concerning is that has consistently failed to address or resolve any of these complaints, further eroding the trust of its customer base. It is evident that the platform lacks the commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices that are expected from reputable online retailers.


In conclusion, should be approached with extreme caution, if not entirely avoided, by online shoppers. This platform not only falls short of basic standards for a legitimate online store but also actively engages in deceptive and fraudulent activities. Countless reports from customers who have dealt with reveal that they have either not received their orders or have been duped with completely different and often inferior products.

Furthermore, attempts to contact for refunds or exchanges have proven futile due to an unresponsive or non-existent email address. The platform’s complete lack of transparency regarding its base of operations and shipping origin adds to the skepticism surrounding its legitimacy.

The absence of proper regulation and compliance, as evidenced by the lack of essential security certificates and the violation of intellectual property rights, raises further concerns about the safety of financial transactions on the platform. Customers’ personal information may be at risk, making them vulnerable to financial loss and privacy breaches.

In a landscape where online shoppers have a multitude of choices, should be approached with extreme caution. Your hard-earned money and personal information deserve better protection and respect. There are plenty of legitimate online retailers that adhere to ethical and legal standards, providing safe and reliable shopping experiences. Avoid to safeguard yourself from potential financial and personal risk.

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