Standard Miner’s, Ltd. Broker Review

Investors should remain vigilant when it comes to Standard Miner’s, Ltd. due to concerns related to deceptive or manipulative activities, such as insider trading, market manipulation, and the misrepresentation of significant information.


Standard Miner’s, Ltd. presents itself as an investment services company operating in the British Virgin Islands. However, it has come under regulatory scrutiny due to alleged fraudulent activities. It’s important to note that the company lacks proper licensing and regulation to conduct financial services within or from the Virgin Islands[1][2]. This assessment will delve into the company’s compliance status, location, offered services, customer support, and available customer feedback.

Regulation and Compliance:

The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (FSC) has raised concerns about Standard Miner’s, Ltd. It is accused of circulating a counterfeit investment business license and falsely claiming authorization from the BVI to engage in investment-related activities. The FSC has publicly cautioned individuals to be extremely vigilant when approached for any business dealings with Standard Miner’s, Ltd.[1]. The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has also issued warnings regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices, misrepresentation of material information, and matters related to the registration, issuance, offering, or sale of securities and derivatives, along with reporting requirements[2].


Standard Miner’s, Ltd. is headquartered in Tortola, British Virgin Islands[1][2].

Services offered:

While it remains unclear what specific investment products and services Standard Miner’s, Ltd. offers, the company claims to provide investment services in the British Virgin Islands[1][2].

Customer Service and Reviews:

Information regarding Standard Miner’s, Ltd.’s customer service and customer reviews is not readily available.


Based on the available information, it is evident that Standard Miner’s, Ltd. is not a legitimate investment firm. Regulators have flagged it for potential fraudulent activities. It is crucial for investors to exercise extreme caution if approached for business dealings with this company and to report any questionable entities operating within or from the Virgin Islands engaging in improper activities to the relevant authorities[1].




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