Warning Investors SMARTCOINFX – Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)


In the world of forex trading, Smartcoinfx stands as a prominent financial firm, offering a range of trading services to its clients. This review aims to provide comprehensive insights into Smartcoinfx, taking into account key factors like regulation and compliance, reputation, customer support, and reviews from its user base.

Regulation and Compliance:

When considering a financial institution for forex trading, it’s crucial to evaluate its regulatory standing. Unfortunately, Smartcoinfx finds itself in a rather precarious position. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has raised a red flag regarding this firm, explicitly stating that Smartcoinfx lacks authorization to offer financial services within the United Kingdom[1]. Moreover, the FCA emphasizes that clients engaging with unauthorized entities are left without the protection typically afforded by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This essentially means that those dealing with Smartcoinfx might be at risk of losing their investments should the firm face insolvency[1]. To ensure the highest level of protection, it is advisable to seek out financial firms authorized by the FCA.


The reputation of a financial firm in the forex market can significantly impact one’s investment decisions. In the case of Smartcoinfx, the reviews are notably mixed, making it essential to delve deeper into user experiences.

Some sources present a more positive image of Smartcoinfx. For instance, a review on describes Smartcoinfx as a legitimate broker with licenses and positive user feedback[4]. Nevertheless, a contrasting narrative emerges from sources such as, which cautions potential investors to approach Smartcoinfx with great care due to its status as an unreliable forex broker without any regulatory oversight[3]. Another review on goes so far as to label Smartcoinfx as a scam[2]. Given this divergence in opinions, it becomes evident that thorough research and due diligence are imperative before considering Smartcoinfx as a viable option for forex trading.


Smartcoinfx offers trading services within the forex market. However, it’s worth noting that at the time of this review, the company’s website is inaccessible to the public due to a 40x error[1]. Consequently, the specific details of the services they provide remain unclear.


Smartcoinfx is situated at 63-66 Hatton Gardens, Fifth Floor, Suite 23, London, UNITED KINGDOM, EC1N 8LE.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

The availability and quality of customer support are pivotal in the world of forex trading, as is the feedback provided by existing clients. Unfortunately, accessing information regarding Smartcoinfx’s customer service offerings is hindered by the website’s unavailability due to the 40x error[1]. Additionally, the diverse range of customer reviews adds an extra layer of complexity to evaluating Smartcoinfx.


In conclusion, Smartcoinfx is a financial firm specializing in forex trading services. However, potential investors must tread carefully, as the company lacks authorization from the FCA to provide financial services within the UK[1]. The reviews on Smartcoinfx are mixed, with both positive and negative experiences reported by clients. To make an informed decision, it is of utmost importance to conduct thorough research and exercise due diligence when contemplating any financial firm for forex trading. Your investments should always be handled with the utmost care and caution.


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