Smart Capital Investment Broker Review

A United States regulator warning has been issued against Smart Capital Investment in September 2023

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker to invest your money, you might have come across Smart Capital Investment. This company claims to offer high returns on various trading platforms, such as forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. But are they legit? Or are they just another scam that will take your money and run?

In this blog post, we will review Smart Capital Investment and see if they are worth your time and money. We will look at their background, their services, their fees, their customer support, and their reputation. We will also compare them with some of the best brokers in the market and give you our verdict.


Smart Capital Investment is a relatively new broker that was founded in 2020. They are based in London, UK, and claim to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, we could not find any evidence of their registration or license on the FCA website. This is a major red flag, as it means that they are operating illegally and without any oversight or protection for their clients.


Smart Capital Investment offers a variety of trading platforms and instruments for their clients. They have a web-based platform, a desktop platform, and a mobile app. They also claim to have a social trading feature that allows you to copy the trades of other successful traders. However, we could not verify the quality or performance of these platforms or features, as they require a minimum deposit of $250 to access them.

Smart Capital Investment also offers a wide range of trading instruments, such as forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. They claim to have over 200 assets to choose from and competitive spreads and leverage. However, we could not find any information about their actual trading conditions or fees on their website. This is another red flag, as it means that they are not transparent or honest about their costs and risks.

Customer Support

Smart Capital Investment claims to have a professional and responsive customer support team that is available 24/7 via phone, email, live chat, and social media. However, we could not reach them through any of these channels when we tried to contact them. We only received automated messages or no reply at all. This is another red flag, as it means that they are not reliable or helpful when you need them.


Smart Capital Investment has a very poor reputation among online traders and reviewers. We found many negative reviews and complaints about them on various websites and forums. Some of the common issues that people reported were:

  • Difficulty in withdrawing their money or closing their accounts
  • Aggressive and rude salespeople who pressure them to deposit more money
  • Manipulation and falsification of their trading results and statements
  • Unauthorized charges and fees on their accounts
  • Lack of communication and support from the company

We also found some positive reviews about Smart Capital Investment, but they seemed to be fake or paid for by the company. They were very generic and vague, and did not provide any proof or details of their trading experience.


Based on our review of Smart Capital Investment , we conclude that they are not legit , but rather a scam . They have no regulation , no transparency , no customer support , and no reputation . They are likely to take your money and disappear , or make it impossible for you to withdraw it . We strongly advise you to avoid them and look for a better alternative .

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with Smart Capital Investment?

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