Scam Broker Review sp. z o.o.

Want to Trade with sp. z o.o.? Read This First

Indebtedness is not a pleasant situation to deal with. Many people who are deeply in debt have no or limited access to bank accounts and credit cards and may receive calls, texts, and letters from creditors every single day. People in this situation are desperate to seek relief but may find that many legitimate lawyers and other financial services won’t want to deal with them. Debtors often make their situations go from bad to worse by unwittingly signing up with fraudulent debt relief services like sp. z o.o. 

Is sp. z o.o.a Scam or Legitimate? 

Polish Financial Supervision Authority has flagged sp. z o.o as a potential scam. We have found several sites with different names but the same web design and logo. It seems that sp. z o.o is operating under different names, but may be providing fake loans and debt relief services. sp. z o.o offers to counsel debtors and act as a go-between with creditors. In reality, they likely pocket huge fees and provide no services at all. We could find no license for sp. z o.o. 

We Found Problems with sp. z o.o.

  • Not regulated
  • Flagged by Polish Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Negative reviews
  • No transparency. 
  • No contact information

What Should You Do If You Have an Account with sp. z o.o.

You should close your account with sp. z o.o immediately and demand a withdrawal. If you do not receive a withdrawal, contact CryptoCoinTrace experts. We consult with clients, advise them on claims and have the tools and methods to track down your funds. The sooner you talk to us, the greater the chances of a successful claim!

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