Scam Broker Review Sovereign Trust Metals

Sovereign Trust Metals

Want to Trade with Sovereign Trust Metals? Read This First!

Sovereign Trust Metals has been flagged by the Ontario Securities Commission. The problem with this broker is that it is operating without a license, which is a serious offense. In addition the OSC has called out Sovereign Trust Metals for engaging in suspicious practices and not having transparency about regulation or identities of people who run the company. 

Is Sovereign Trust Metals a Scam or Legitimate? 

It’s important to avoid trading with brokers like Sovereign Trust Metals no matter what kind of attractive deals they offer. The vast majority of the scam brokers we investigate have some issue with licensing–either they don’t have a license to begin with or have a third-rate certificate. We don’t recommend opening an account with any financial service if there is a question about whether or not they are regulated. It’s fair to say you should scratch Sovereign Trust Metals off your list. 

We Found Problems with Sovereign Trust MetalsTrade: 

  • Not regulated
  • Ontario Securities Commission
  • Negative reviews
  • No transparency. 
  • No contact information

What You Should Do If You Have an Account with Sovereign Trust Metals? 

You should close your account with Sovereign Trust Metals immediately and demand a withdrawal. If you do not receive a withdrawal, contact CryptoCoinTrace experts. We consult with clients, advise them on claims and have the tools and methods to track down your funds. The sooner talk to us, the greater the chances of a successful claim!

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