Scam Broker Bitcoinvestcloud

Is Bitcoinvestcloud the Real Deal or a Scam Broker?

The website’s homepage displays some awkwardly written content that suggests a lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency. Without specifying a subject, they claim to be an “innovative payment network and a new kind of money.” It’s unclear whether they are referring to Bitcoin or Bitcoinvestcloud, as they seem to confuse their own company with the entire cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, they state that “bitcoinvestcloud is a digital economy,” which is incorrect since a crypto broker is not equivalent to an entire economy. These errors indicate a lack of expertise in the subject matter. Furthermore, their insistence on being “Not a Threat” raises suspicions about their credibility.

Something’s Up with Bitcoinvestcloud

One concerning aspect is their offer of bonuses, which reputable regulators do not allow. Bonuses often serve as a tactic to trap investors and create obstacles for them to access their funds. The website has a very low trust rating, and there is no mention of possessing a license. Moreover, there is no information about the individuals running the company or any credentials mentioned. These red flags strongly suggest that Bitcoinvestcloud is another unregulated broker scam, and it would be wise to steer clear of them.

Here Are Some Problems with Bitcoinvestcloud

  • No license
  • No transparency
  • Low site trust rating
  • Poorly written content
  • Tricky bonuses
  • Misleading statements

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