RGT Markets Broker Review

A regulator warning has been issued by Canadian authorities against RGT Markets in September 2023

RGT Markets is a forex and CFD broker that claims to offer a variety of trading instruments, platforms and account types. However, before you decide to invest with this broker, you should be aware of some red flags that indicate that RGT Markets may not be a legitimate or trustworthy company.

First of all, RGT Markets does not provide any information about its regulatory status, location, or ownership on its website. This means that the broker is operating without a license from any reputable financial authority, such as the FCA in the UK, CySEC in Cyprus, or ASIC in Australia. 

Trading with an unregulated broker exposes you to a high risk of fraud, scam, or losing your money without any recourse.

Secondly, RGT Markets offers very high leverage ratios of up to 1:1000, which are not only unrealistic but also illegal in many jurisdictions. High leverage can amplify your profits, but also your losses, and it is often used by scam brokers to lure unsuspecting traders into depositing large sums of money. Moreover, RGT Markets does not disclose its trading conditions, such as spreads, commissions, or fees, which makes it impossible to assess the cost and quality of its services.

Thirdly, RGT Markets has received numerous negative reviews and complaints from online users, who accuse the broker of manipulating prices, refusing withdrawals, closing accounts without reason, and harassing customers with phone calls and emails. Some of these reviews also mention that RGT Markets is associated with other notorious scam brokers, such as TradeFW and TradeATF.

In conclusion, we advise you to stay away from RGT Markets and avoid any contact with this broker. There are many other reputable and regulated brokers that offer better trading conditions and security for your funds. If you have already invested with RGT Markets, we suggest you try to withdraw your money as soon as possible and report the broker to your local authorities.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with RGT Markets?

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