RemaxCoinVest Broker Review


Investor Caution, RemaxCoinVest Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and real estate investment, RemaxCoinVest emerges as a platform claiming to facilitate real estate investments through digital currencies. Promising to liberate investors from traditional banking systems, it has garnered both curiosity and skepticism. This review provides an informational perspective on RemaxCoinVest, emphasizing the importance of regulatory compliance and investor awareness.

Regulation and Compliance: A Cause for Concern

Regulatory authorities, crucial gatekeepers in the financial realm, have sounded alarms about RemaxCoinVest. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has explicitly warned that RemaxCoinVest is not registered to sell securities in Ontario[1]. This omission raises significant concerns about the platform’s legal standing and adherence to financial regulations. Furthermore, Cybertrace has issued an urgent mass scam alert, encompassing cryptocurrency scam websites, including RemaxCoinVest[2]. These red flags should give investors pause and prompt them to exercise caution.

Reputation: A Cloud of Uncertainty

When venturing into any investment, reputation is key. Unfortunately, in the case of RemaxCoinVest, there is a conspicuous lack of user reviews and testimonials available. This absence of real-world experiences and feedback makes it challenging to assess the platform’s authenticity and reliability.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews: A Void of Information

RemaxCoinVest offers customer support through email and a contact form on its website. However, the scarcity of reviews and feedback from actual users makes it challenging to gauge the quality and responsiveness of their customer support. Investors seeking information, clarification, or assistance may find themselves in an information void.

Services Offered

RemaxCoinVest presents itself as a real estate investment platform with a unique twist – the integration of cryptocurrency. They claim to provide various investment options, encompassing both commercial and residential real estate. However, due to the lack of reviews and limited user experiences, it is challenging to validate the efficacy and transparency of their services.

Location: A Hidden Enigma

One notable omission from RemaxCoinVest’s website is information regarding their physical location. This lack of transparency regarding their headquarters or operational base could raise concerns about accountability and accessibility for potential investors.


In a financial world characterized by innovation and digitalization, RemaxCoinVest stands as a unique proposition, offering investors the chance to explore real estate through cryptocurrency. However, this review highlights the importance of heeding regulatory warnings. The OSC’s cautionary stance and the scam alert from Cybertrace cannot be ignored. It is incumbent upon potential investors to exercise due diligence, conduct thorough research, and seek professional advice before entrusting their financial resources to any platform, particularly one as clouded in uncertainty as RemaxCoinVest.

In summary, RemaxCoinVest’s uncharted territory presents both opportunities and risks. Investors must approach this platform with a level of caution commensurate with the uncertainties surrounding its regulatory compliance and reputation. In an investment landscape where trust is paramount, the absence of tangible customer reviews and the scarcity of user experiences raise questions about its reliability and transparency. Therefore, potential investors should tread carefully and consider their options judiciously.


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