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Warning Investors QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd / quickblockchains.com

Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd., as presented on quickblockchains.com, boldly claims to be a top-tier provider of blockchain solutions and services. Their purported offerings include smart contracts, decentralized applications, tokenization, and digital asset management. The company boasts a global presence with offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, and Singapore, and it claims partnerships with industry giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Deloitte. However, a closer look reveals a striking lack of evidence or credibility, raising significant concerns about the legitimacy of this enterprise.

Regulation and Compliance

One of the most glaring issues with QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. is its total absence of regulation and authorization from any financial authority or regulator. The company notably lacks an AFM license or a European Passport, rendering it ineligible to offer investment services or products in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands. Most alarmingly, the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) issued a public warning against QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. on September 21, 2023, labeling it a suspected boiler room scam. Boiler room scams involve fraudulent schemes where high-pressure tactics are used to deceive unsuspecting investors into purchasing non-existent or worthless shares and financial instruments. The AFM strongly advises against engaging with QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. and urges individuals to report any contact with the company to their authorities.

Customer Reviews

Unsurprisingly, there is a conspicuous absence of positive customer reviews or testimonials concerning QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. on any reputable online platform or forum. Instead, there exists a growing list of complaints and victim reports, detailing their experiences of financial loss and compromised personal information. Common grievances reported by these victims include:

– Receiving unsolicited communications via phone calls or emails from QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. agents who falsely present themselves as blockchain experts while promoting enticing investment opportunities.

– Pressure tactics compelling individuals to deposit or transfer funds to offshore bank accounts or third-party payment processors, all without providing any confirmations or receipts.

– The solicitation of personal and financial information, including identity documents, bank statements, credit card details, or passwords.

– Inability to withdraw funds or access their accounts after making an initial deposit or investment.

– Negligence and evasion from QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. agents when customers seek assistance or refunds.

Products and Services

QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. claims to offer a suite of blockchain-related products and services, including smart contracts, decentralized applications, tokenization, and digital asset management. However, the descriptions of these offerings are either vague, misleading, or entirely non-existent. The company fails to provide essential information regarding the operation, benefits, risks, fees, or platforms associated with these products and services. Moreover, QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. does not furnish any evidence of performance, track record, portfolio, or customer satisfaction.


Another concerning aspect is the company’s declaration of having offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, and Singapore. These claims are misleading, as QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. possesses no physical presence or registered address in these locations. The absence of a contact number or email address for direct communication on the company’s website further raises suspicions. Additionally, the company employs a generic domain name, registered only in July 2023 by NameCheap Inc., a third-party service provider known for hosting fraudulent websites.

Customer Service

QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd. disappoints in the realm of customer service. The company lacks a dedicated customer support team accessible to customers and potential investors. Its website does not offer live chat, a contact form, or a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for inquiries or assistance. The sole means of communication with the company is through a generic email address not associated with the company’s domain. Furthermore, the company’s agents exhibit unprofessionalism, discourtesy, and dishonesty. They employ aggressive sales techniques, make false promises, and disseminate misleading information to manipulate customers into making deposits or investments. Uncooperative and evasive, they ignore or block customers attempting to withdraw funds or access their accounts.


In summary, QuickBlockchains Centre Ltd., as presented on quickblockchains.com, should be steered clear of at all costs. It operates without any regulation or authorization from a financial authority or regulator, lacks legitimate blockchain products or services, and is devoid of any credible customer reviews or testimonials. Furthermore, it fails to establish a physical presence or provide verifiable contact details and offers no reliable customer service or support.

For comprehensive information and valuable tips on protecting oneself from boiler room scams and fraud, please visit the AFM website at [https://www.afm.nl/nl-nl/consumenten/waarschuwingen/bekijk-de-waarschuwingen/boilerroom/quickblockchains-centre-ltd](https://www.afm.nl/nl-nl/consumenten/waarschuwingen/bekijk-de-waarschuwingen/boilerroom/quickblockchains-centre-ltd). Be cautious, and always conduct thorough research before engaging with any financial service provider.

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