Quadmarks Broker Review


Warning Investors, Quadmarks Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)


In the vast and ever-evolving world of financial services, it’s crucial for investors to tread cautiously, as fraudulent and manipulative practices can often lurk in the shadows. One such cautionary tale is the story of Quadmarks, a financial services provider that has raised significant concerns among both investors and regulatory bodies. In this review, we’ll delve into the regulatory issues, reputation, and customer experiences surrounding Quadmarks, ultimately guiding you toward informed decisions in the realm of financial services.

Regulation and Compliance:

Quadmarks, a name that has recently surfaced in the financial services sector, has found itself under the watchful eye of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA, responsible for supervising and regulating financial service providers in the UK, has raised a red flag concerning Quadmarks. This warning stems from Quadmarks providing financial services or products without the necessary authorization[1]. As a result, this company operates outside the scope of regulatory oversight, exposing investors to an elevated risk of fraudulent activities, insider dealing, market manipulation, and other financial crimes. It is of paramount importance that prospective investors heed the FCA’s caution and avoid any engagements with Quadmarks.


The reputation of Quadmarks is anything but stellar, as echoed by a chorus of dissatisfied customers. Numerous individuals have come forward with complaints of being scammed by the company, further solidifying the concerns raised by the FCA[2]. These unfavorable reviews cast a shadow over Quadmarks’ credibility as a financial services provider, making it imperative for investors to exercise extreme caution and reconsider any potential investments with the company.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, when it comes to Quadmarks, there’s a scarcity of information available regarding their customer service. However, given the FCA’s warning, the lack of authorization, and the abundance of negative reviews from customers who claim to have been scammed, it is reasonable to conclude that Quadmarks does not provide satisfactory customer service. The absence of a responsive and reliable customer support system is a major concern, especially in an industry where trust and transparency are paramount.


Quadmarks claims to offer a range of financial services, including forex and cryptocurrency trading. However, due to the company’s lack of authorization from the FCA and its tarnished reputation, it is strongly advised that investors steer clear of Quadmarks and seek out authorized financial service providers that comply with the necessary regulations. The risks associated with engaging in financial services with an unregulated company are too significant to ignore.


In conclusion, Quadmarks emerges as a financial services provider marred by controversy and regulatory concerns. The FCA’s stern warning regarding the lack of authorization for Quadmarks to offer financial services should serve as a clear signal to investors. Negative customer reviews and the absence of reliable customer support further underscore the potential risks associated with dealing with this company. It is in the best interest of investors to avoid Quadmarks and explore authorized financial service providers that adhere to necessary regulations and offer a more secure and trustworthy environment for their financial endeavors.

Quadmarks may promise the allure of financial opportunities, but the wise investor knows that prudence and due diligence are paramount when navigating the complex financial landscape.


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