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PU Prime

Caution Disclaimer PU Prime: This review provides an in-depth analysis of PU Prime, formerly known as Pacific Union. It delves into various aspects, including features, regulation, reputation, customer support, and customer reviews. While PU Prime has its merits, it’s crucial to consider the warnings issued by multiple securities commissions.


PU Prime, previously recognized as Pacific Union, is a versatile multi-asset brokerage firm catering to traders interested in forex, commodities, stocks, bonds, and indices. This comprehensive review aims to provide valuable insights into the world of PU Prime, examining factors such as its regulatory compliance, customer feedback, product offerings, geographical location, and the efficiency of its customer support.

Regulation and Compliance

PU Prime operates under the regulatory umbrella of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). In addition, it boasts approval from the FSCA and SVGFSA. It is worth noting that while the Seychelles FSA’s reputation isn’t as illustrious in the financial industry, PU Prime offers protective measures such as negative balance protection and the segregation of client funds. However, a notable cause for concern arises from the issuance of warnings against PU Prime by several respected securities commissions, including the ASC, FCA, Securities Commissions Malaysia, and DFSA. These warnings raise questions about the firm’s compliance and legitimacy, cautioning potential investors to tread carefully.

Customer Reviews

Opinions on PU Prime among customers are decidedly mixed. Some traders commend the brokerage’s diverse range of instruments, informative research materials, competitive trading costs, and reliable platforms. On the flip side, others have raised concerns regarding withdrawal processes and customer service. It’s crucial to approach these reviews with a degree of skepticism, as individual experiences may not provide an accurate representation of the broker’s overall quality.

Products and Services

PU Prime extends several live account options, including Standard and Prime accounts. It also caters to novice traders with a Cent account requiring just a $20 minimum deposit. This makes it a beginner-friendly choice. PU Prime facilitates trading in forex, commodities, stocks, bonds, and indices, offering competitive spreads and various account types to cater to diverse trading styles.


PU Prime’s headquarters are situated in the offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles. Although this offshore location may raise concerns among some traders, it’s important to remember that the broker is regulated by the Seychelles FSA, as well as the FSCA and SVGFSA, adding a layer of regulatory oversight to their operations.

Customer Service

PU Prime maintains a reliable customer support system, offering assistance through live chat and email. However, some traders have encountered issues with customer service, which is a factor to bear in mind when evaluating this broker.


In conclusion, PU Prime stands as a multi-asset brokerage, catering to traders with interests spanning forex, commodities, stocks, bonds, and indices. With regulatory oversight from the Seychelles FSA, FSCA, and SVGFSA, the broker provides negative balance protection and safeguards client funds. While customer reviews remain mixed, PU Prime offers various account types and competitive spreads, making it a feasible choice for traders. However, the issuance of warnings by several securities commissions underscores the need for caution when considering this brokerage for investment.

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