Protecting Your Investments: FSMA’s Warning on Fraudulent Trading Platforms

Warning Investors FSMA Warns Against 37 Online Trading Platforms – Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


In recent years, online trading platforms have surged in popularity, offering investors access to various financial opportunities. However, amid this boom, the shadow of fraudulent trading platforms looms large, threatening to cause substantial financial losses for unsuspecting investors. To navigate these treacherous waters, it’s imperative to recognize the warning signs and steer clear of potential scams. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the Financial Services and Markets Authority’s (FSMA) recent cautionary advisory against 37 fraudulent trading platforms, including Amos Limited, Binetrix, Bitmarket Trader, BT Invest, and many more.

Regulation and Compliance: FSMA’s Vigilant Stance

The FSMA has taken a resolute stand against fraudulent trading platforms infiltrating the Belgian market. These malevolent platforms employ various tactics, often resorting to dubious advertisements on social media and online video platforms to pique consumers’ interest. These deceptive ads, often featuring seemingly renowned individuals, lure victims into a web of deceit, promising quick riches. Additionally, these platforms may employ mobile applications to snare their prey. Upon clicking on these ads or downloading the apps and sharing their contact information, victims are promptly contacted by fraudsters with seemingly enticing investment proposals, spanning shares, alternative investment products, virtual currencies, and more. Some even go the extra mile by contacting consumers through dating apps and bogus social media accounts, unleashing an aggressive campaign to persuade victims into believing they are dealing with legitimate authorities. Often, these scammers claim to have authorizations from fictitious financial regulators to appear trustworthy. In the worst-case scenario, fraudsters may even seek remote access to victims’ computers, making unauthorized money transfers. Tragically, these illegal service providers are usually based overseas, rendering recovery of investments virtually impossible.

Warning on Specific Companies:

The FSMA’s alert targets 37 fraudulent trading platforms, all of which pose a substantial risk to investors. These include Amos Limited, Binetrix, Bitmarket Trader, BT Invest, and a host of others. These companies are highly likely to be involved in investment fraud, and investors are strongly advised to maintain a safe distance from them.


Finding authentic reviews for these fraudulent trading platforms is a daunting task, primarily because they operate illegally and are often situated abroad. Despite the scarcity of documented cases, there are numerous harrowing tales of individuals falling prey to investment scams facilitated by these deceitful online trading platforms. For instance, one unfortunate victim recounts losing $50,000 to a fraudulent online trading platform specializing in binary options, cryptocurrency, and forex trading. The victim was initially enticed by an online trader who promised cutting-edge technology and guaranteed returns. Their experience initially seemed promising as the trading platform generated profits. However, when the victim attempted to withdraw their funds, they were informed about the need to pay taxes on their profits, a detail not previously disclosed. With relentless pressure to invest more, the victim’s profits plummeted, and their accumulated gains dwindled. Ultimately, they realized the entire operation was a sham, resulting in a substantial loss of $50,000.


The fraudulent trading platforms flagged by the FSMA purport to offer a wide array of financial services, spanning shares, alternative investment products, virtual currencies, forex, and options trading. Regrettably, these services are highly likely to be fraudulent, and investors are emphatically encouraged to avoid them.


A common thread among these fraudulent trading platforms is their offshore location, making it considerably more challenging for investors to recover their investments in the event of a scam. The FSMA’s warning underscores the importance of exercising extreme caution.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Fraudulent trading platforms typically employ aggressive tactics to convince victims to invest larger sums and make promises of repayment. These tactics strongly indicate investment fraud and serve as a stark warning to potential investors to stay vigilant and avoid such platforms.


Investment fraud is a pervasive issue, and fraudulent online trading platforms are a prominent avenue for unscrupulous individuals to exploit unsuspecting investors. The FSMA’s vigilance in issuing warnings against 37 fraudulent trading platforms, including names like Amos Limited, Binetrix, and Bitmarket Trader, underscores the magnitude of this problem. These platforms are likely to be engaged in investment fraud, and investors must heed the FSMA’s advice and steer clear. In a world where opportunities and risks often go hand in hand, it is vital to be cognizant of the warning signs and exercise due diligence to safeguard your financial well-being.


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