Platform Project Investment Broker Review

A United States regulator warning has been issued against Platform Project Investment in September 2023

If you are looking for a way to invest your money and earn passive income, you might have come across Platform Project Investment Broker, a company that claims to offer high returns on various investment plans. But is Platform Project Investment a scam or a legit opportunity? In this review, we will examine the company, its products, its compensation plan, and its pros and cons.

What is Platform Project Investment?

Platform Project Investment is an online platform that connects investors with project owners who need funding for their businesses. Platform Project Investment claims to have a team of experts who evaluate and select the best projects to invest in, based on their profitability, sustainability, and social impact. Platform Project Investment also claims to use advanced technology and security measures to ensure the safety of the investors’ funds and personal information.

Platform Project Investment offers four different investment plans, each with a different minimum deposit, duration, and return rate. The plans are:

  • Starter Plan: $100 minimum deposit, 30 days duration, 10% daily return
  • Basic Plan: $500 minimum deposit, 60 days duration, 15% daily return
  • Premium Plan: $1,000 minimum deposit, 90 days duration, 20% daily return
  • VIP Plan: $5,000 minimum deposit, 120 days duration, 25% daily return

Platform Project Investment also offers a referral program that pays commissions to investors who invite other people to join the platform. The referral commissions are:

  • Level 1: 10% of the deposit of the direct referrals
  • Level 2: 5% of the deposit of the referrals of the direct referrals
  • Level 3: 3% of the deposit of the referrals of the referrals of the direct referrals

Is Platform Project Investment a scam or legit?

Platform Project Investment is a scam. There are several red flags that indicate that Platform Project Investment is not a trustworthy company and that it is operating a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme that pays returns to existing investors from the money of new investors, rather than from legitimate profits. Ponzi schemes eventually collapse when there are not enough new investors to sustain the payouts.

Some of the red flags of Platform Project Investment are:

  • Unrealistic and unsustainable returns: Platform Project Investment promises to pay up to 25% daily returns on its investment plans, which is impossible to achieve in any legitimate business. Even if Platform Project Investment had access to the most profitable projects in the world, it would not be able to generate such high returns consistently and reliably. Moreover, Platform Project Investment does not provide any proof or evidence of how it generates its profits or where it invests its funds.
  • Lack of transparency and regulation: Platform Project Investment does not disclose any information about its owners, founders, team members, location, or registration. The company does not have any legal or regulatory license or authorization to operate as an investment broker in any jurisdiction. The company also does not provide any contact details or customer support channels, except for an email address and a Telegram group.
  • Fake testimonials and reviews: Platform Project Investment uses fake testimonials and reviews on its website and social media platforms to create a false impression of credibility and popularity. The testimonials and reviews are either written by the scammers themselves or by paid actors who have never used the platform or received any payouts. The photos and names of the testimonial providers are also stolen from other sources.
  • High risk of losing money: Platform Project Investment does not offer any guarantee or protection for the investors’ funds. The company does not use any escrow service or third-party verification system to ensure the safety and security of the transactions. The company also does not have any refund policy or withdrawal option for the investors who want to cancel their contracts or get their money back. Once you deposit your money with Platform Project Investment, you have no control over it and you have no way of recovering it if the company stops paying or disappears.


Platform Project Investment is a scam that you should avoid at all costs. The company is not a legitimate investment broker but a Ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse and leave its investors with nothing. Do not fall for the fake testimonials and reviews or the unrealistic and unsustainable returns that Platform Project Investment promises. Do not risk your hard-earned money with this fraudulent platform. If you are looking for a genuine and reliable way to invest your money and earn passive income, you should look for other alternatives that are transparent, regulated, and proven.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with Platform Project Investment?

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