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Omers Finance

Warning Investors Omers Finance – Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)


In the vast landscape of online investment platforms, Omers Finance has emerged as a tempting option, promising substantial returns on various financial products. The burning question remains: Is Omers Finance a legitimate avenue for investment, or does it conceal a web of deceit? This comprehensive review will dissect Omers Finance, delving into its products, compliance with regulations, customer feedback, physical location, and customer service quality. Additionally, we’ll conclude with essential tips to shield you from falling prey to fraudulent or manipulative schemes.

Regulation and Compliance:

A fundamental step in evaluating any online investment platform is to scrutinize its adherence to regulations within its jurisdiction. Omers Finance asserts its base in Austria, yet an alert issued by the Financial Market Authority (FMA), Austria’s financial market regulator, debunks this claim. On the 10th of October 2023, FMA explicitly declared that Omers Finance lacked the necessary authorization to engage in licensed banking transactions in Austria. The warning, accessible at this link [], underlines that Omers Finance unlawfully conducts trading on its own account or on behalf of others, without the necessary licenses.

In essence, Omers Finance operates without legal oversight, placing your investments at the mercy of potential fraud or manipulation. Entrusting your funds to this platform could culminate in financial loss and jeopardy to your financial security.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Assessing an online platform’s credibility and reputation hinges on exploring customer reviews and feedback. Unfortunately, our quest for genuine customer reviews of Omers Finance yielded no substantial results on reputable websites or forums. The only reviews we unearthed were conveniently placed on Omers Finance’s website, which leads us to question their authenticity. These internal reviews shower Omers Finance with praise for its high returns, speedy withdrawals, and top-notch customer service. However, they lack third-party verification, making it impossible to confirm the veracity of the transactions or outcomes.

It’s plausible that Omers Finance employs the tactic of fake reviews to lure unsuspecting investors. Fake reviews serve as a deceptive tool to establish an artificial veneer of trust and legitimacy. Be cautious when encountering online platforms adorned with exclusively positive reviews on their own websites, but lacking external validation.

Products and Services:

Omers Finance’s portfolio boasts an array of financial products, encompassing forex trading, binary options, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. It proclaims to enlist professional traders and analysts who employ advanced strategies and tools to generate substantial profits for investors. However, a notable absence of comprehensive information or substantiated evidence surrounding its operations, strategies, risks, and outcomes raises substantial doubts. Moreover, Omers Finance remains reticent about disclosing potential fees or charges applied to its clients.

Our skepticism mounts, suggesting that Omers Finance may not have genuine products or services in its repertoire. Instead, it appears to function as a Ponzi scheme, perpetuating itself by utilizing fresh investments to pay off earlier investors until its inevitable demise. Ponzi schemes operate in a dubious and illegal realm, dependent on an incessant influx of new funds to sustain their existence. Eventually, they implode, leaving investors in the lurch.


Omers Finance positions itself at Schottenring 16/2 Vienna 1010 Austria. Nevertheless, our attempts to corroborate this address or ascertain Omers Finance’s physical presence at this location proved futile. This address could very well be fictitious or linked to another entity. Furthermore, Omers Finance remains elusive about providing a phone number or other contact information that would offer verification of its identity or location.

This opacity regarding Omers Finance’s location and identity raises suspicion that it intends to evade detection and prosecution. It’s conceivable that the platform employs a proxy server or VPN service to mask its true IP address and simulate an Austrian base. Vigilance is paramount when encountering online platforms that fail to provide transparent and verifiable contact details.

Customer Service:

Omers Finance professes to maintain a round-the-clock customer service team accessible via email or live chat. However, our discretion prevailed, preventing us from testing the quality and responsiveness of this customer service, considering the inherent risks involved in sharing personal or financial information with Omers Finance. Additionally, we unearthed no testimonials or complaints from other clients regarding their interactions with Omers Finance’s customer service.

Our suspicion is rife: Omers Finance’s customer service could be either non-existent or severely lacking in quality. It’s plausible that the platform prioritizes potential investors who are willing to deposit funds while ignoring those who seek to withdraw their money or report issues. Moreover, aggressive or deceptive tactics may be employed to coerce investors into injecting more capital or discourage them from departing the platform.


In summation, our review arrives at a stark verdict: Omers Finance is a perilous investment platform, concealing numerous red flags. It operates devoid of regulation, genuine customer reviews, bona fide products or services, verifiable location, and dependable customer service. Operating within a legal gray area, it seems increasingly likely that Omers Finance functions as a Ponzi scheme, with its ultimate collapse endangering the investments of those involved. As a prudent investor, exercising caution and vigilance when considering Omers Finance is paramount to safeguard your financial well-being.

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