MyTradeMate Review


Caution is advised for investors when it comes to MyTradeMate’s registration for the issuance, offering, or sale of securities and derivatives, and their adherence to reporting obligations.


MyTradeMate is a trading platform that boasts a suite of offerings for investors. However, the recent spotlight on the platform revolves around its challenges with regulatory compliance. This blog post aims to explore the intricacies of regulatory scrutiny, the platform’s public standing, its features, customer support, and its overall suitability for traders.

Regulation and Compliance

MyTradeMate has come under the radar due to regulatory qualms. Both the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) and the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have issued advisory warnings concerning this platform. Notably, the ASC has placed MyTradeMate on its Investment Caution List, urging investors to exercise prudence when considering involvement with the platform.

The CSA has mirrored these concerns with their own cautionary advisory, reinforcing the notion that potential users should approach MyTradeMate with caution. These alerts collectively underline potential risks associated with engaging in MyTradeMate’s services.

Customer Reviews

While there exists a dearth of customer reviews about MyTradeMate, the available feedback sheds light on user experiences. Several customers have reported challenges related to the platform’s customer service. For instance, one user encountered difficulties in reaching out to customer support and expressed frustration over an unresolved issue. Another user documented difficulties in withdrawing funds from the platform. These testimonials highlight areas of improvement, particularly in terms of customer service.

Products and Services

MyTradeMate offers a spectrum of products and services, encompassing the trading of stocks, options, and futures. The platform also offers educational resources, including webinars and tutorials to assist traders in enhancing their skills. Nevertheless, the aforementioned compliance issues cast doubt on the safety and security of these services. Traders should exercise caution when contemplating the use of these offerings in light of the regulatory alerts.


MyTradeMate’s headquarters are based in Canada, operating under CSA regulations. While the platform is accessible to traders both in Canada and internationally, the cloud of regulatory concerns should be a key factor in any decision-making process.

Customer Service

As previously mentioned, customer feedback has spotlighted concerns regarding the quality of MyTradeMate’s customer service. In tandem with compliance concerns, this highlights the pivotal importance of having effective and reliable customer support for traders who may encounter difficulties while navigating the platform.


In summation, MyTradeMate is a trading platform that extends a wide array of products and services to its user base. Nevertheless, recent attention stemming from regulatory and compliance matters has prompted caution. While the pool of customer reviews is limited, reports of customer service issues are disconcerting. Consequently, traders should exercise vigilance when considering MyTradeMate and explore alternative platforms known for their compliance and customer service excellence.


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