Lumine Trade Review

Summary of Lumine Trade

Lumine Trade, an online trading platform, has received significant doubt. They advertise a wide range of tradable financial instruments, but lack transparency about their operations. The platform appears to offer tiered user accounts, with supposedly increasing benefits for higher tiers. However, there’s no way to verify these claims as the official website is inaccessible.

Online reviews paint a concerning picture. Many users advise against using Lumine Trade, citing deceptive practices. Accusations include the use of fake identities to build trust and extract sensitive information. While a few positive reviews exist, their validity is highly doubtful.

A crucial red flag is the lack of any recognized financial regulatory oversight for Lumine Trade. Additionally, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has reportedly barred them from operating in Australia. This information strongly suggests exercising extreme caution and avoiding Lumine Trade altogether.

Regulation and Compliance of Lumine Trade

Choosing a trading platform requires caution, especially regarding their regulatory status. Regulation safeguards your funds. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued an alert, highlighting that Lumine Trade lacks the necessary licenses to operate legally in Australia. This, combined with widespread reviews suggesting a lack of regulation, paints a concerning picture.

Unregulated platforms like Lumine Trade aren’t subject to the rigorous oversight enforced by reputable financial authorities. This lack of accountability can lead to deceptive practices that harm consumers.

Always seek out well-regulated brokers for your financial security. By choosing a licensed broker, you gain peace of mind knowing your investments are overseen by a responsible body. Seek brokers that are registered with trusted authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the US’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and National Futures Association (NFA), or Australia’s ASIC. 

Products and Services Offered by Lumine Trade

Information about Lumine Trade’s offerings is scarce. While they may claim to offer a variety of tradable assets, a closer look reveals significant cause for concern.

Multiple user accounts and independent reviews paint a disturbing picture. Accusations of aggressive sales tactics and potential fraudulent activity are prevalent, with many users reporting significant financial losses.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect is Lumine Trade’s apparent lack of regulation. This raises serious doubts about the safety and security of their services. Without regulatory oversight, no matter the services, there’s little guarantee your funds are protected.

Are Funds Safe with Lumine Trade?

Choosing a safe trading platform requires scrutiny in three key areas: regulation, transparency, and user experience. Lumine Trade fails all three tests, raising major red flags for potential investors.

Multiple sources have flagged Lumine Trade as unregulated. This lack of oversight by financial authorities significantly increases the risk of your investment because, without regulatory safeguards, your funds are vulnerable.

Lumine Trade suffers from a low trust score and numerous negative customer reviews. These reviews often point to a lack of transparency in their operations. When a platform hides behind a veil of secrecy and collects negative user experiences, it’s a strong signal to avoid them.

To keep your funds safe, prioritize well-regulated platforms with high trust scores and positive user experiences. Thorough research is key. Look for platforms overseen by established financial authorities and those with a proven track record of user satisfaction. By focusing on reputable and regulated brokers, you can make informed investment decisions with greater peace of mind.

Customer Feedback

Customer experiences with Lumine Trade depict a seriously negative sight. Widespread dissatisfaction includes complaints of aggressive sales tactics and hurdles in withdrawing funds. Even more concerning are allegations of potential scam activities. These involve requests for additional funds under dubious pretenses, resulting in substantial financial losses for customers.

The scarcity of positive reviews further raises red flags. While a few positive reviews exist, their legitimacy is in question as they are likely fabricated to create a false sense of security.


Think again.

Investing with Lumine Trade presents a significant risk of fraud and financial loss. Their lack of a readily available website with clear company information raises serious concerns about their legitimacy.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect is their apparent lack of regulation. Unlike licensed platforms, they aren’t held to strict financial regulations or client protection laws. This lack of oversight creates a breeding ground for harmful practices and unregulated platforms have a history of engaging in activities that jeopardize investor funds. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s warning against Lumine Trade.

A significant number of customers report deceptive practices, highlighting difficulties in withdrawing funds and aggressive sales tactics. Furthermore, allegations of requests for additional funds under dubious pretenses further solidify suspicions of fraudulent activity. The scarcity of positive reviews and the possibility of fabrication only add fuel to the fire.

For your financial security, avoid Lumine Trade. Seek out established alternatives with proper licensing and regulatory oversight. Platforms with a proven track record of client satisfaction and investor protection are the smarter choice.

Reporting the Scam 

If you’ve fallen victim to Lumine Trade, there are resources available. assists victims of online fraud by tracing funds and supporting clients through the recovery process. Schedule your free consultation today.