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Warning Investors Ivenctures

Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


In the world of investments and trading, finding a reliable and trustworthy intermediary is crucial. However, one company that should be on your radar for all the wrong reasons is Ivenctures. Recently flagged by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) as a suspected boiler room, Ivenctures has been accused of using deceptive and aggressive tactics to dupe unsuspecting investors into purchasing worthless or non-existent shares. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the AFM’s warning, the products and services Ivenctures claims to offer, the company’s reputation, and the nightmarish customer experiences reported. We’ll also provide tips on how to protect yourself from such scams and how to report them if you come across one.

Regulation and Compliance:

According to the AFM, Ivenctures falls short of the necessary regulatory standards. The company lacks an AFM license or a European Passport, which are prerequisites for any market intermediary operating in the Netherlands or the European Union. This absence of authorization bars them from offering investment advice, collective investment schemes, brokerage, dealing, or transfer agent services to consumers. The AFM has also raised concerns about Ivenctures’ use of cold-calling, a classic sign of a boiler room scam. A boiler room scam typically involves coercive sales techniques aimed at convincing potential investors to purchase shares promising high returns but ultimately proving to be worthless. The AFM’s official warning advises consumers to avoid any interaction with Ivenctures, refraining from transferring money or sharing personal information. You can read the full AFM warning here: [Insert AFM Warning Link]

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Unsurprisingly, the online landscape is littered with negative reviews and cautionary tales from individuals who have had dealings with Ivenctures. Most of these reviews serve as a dire warning, sharing the unfortunate experiences of losing money and harassment by the company. Here are some excerpts from the customer reviews found across various platforms:

– “Ivenctures is a scam. They bombarded me with relentless calls, attempting to persuade me to invest in stocks they claimed were about to skyrocket. Their pushiness and rudeness reached alarming levels, and they even resorted to threats when I declined to divulge my bank details. I filed a complaint with the AFM and blocked their number. Stay away at all costs.”

– “Don’t put your trust in Ivenctures. They operate as a boiler room and will fleece you. They sold me shares that turned out to be utterly worthless. Their credentials and performance were fabricated. They vanished when I tried to recover my funds, leaving me with no recourse. These people are crooks and need to be shut down.”

– “Ivenctures is a farce. They claim to be market experts, but their incompetence knows no bounds. Their advice cost me dearly, and they have no regard for their customers. They are not answerable to any regulatory body and seem only interested in their commissions. Avoid them at all costs.”

Products and Services:

Ivenctures boasts a range of products and services aimed at investors and traders, including investment and trading advice, collective investment schemes, brokerage, dealing, and transfer agent services. However, as our investigation reveals, these offerings are either fictitious or illegal due to Ivenctures’ lack of required licenses. Additionally, the company withholds critical information on fees, commissions, risks, and returns, a glaring red flag for a legitimate market intermediary. Ivenctures’ enigmatic online presence, or rather the lack thereof, makes it challenging to verify its identity or assess its reputation.


While Ivenctures claims to be situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the absence of a physical address or contact details raises suspicions. The sole means of contacting them is via phone, which is likely a VoIP number, easily changeable or redirected. The company provides no registration number or legal entity name, rendering verification through the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or other authorities impossible.

Customer Service:

Ivenctures’ customer service barely deserves the label. The company relies solely on intrusive cold calls, often unsolicited and unwelcome. Callers typically adopt a rude, aggressive, and persistent demeanor, exerting immense pressure on potential investors to purchase their shares or surrender personal and financial information. They often resort to fake names, accents, or credentials in a bid to appear more credible. Requests to cease calling or remove individuals from their contact lists are blatantly ignored, with callers either hanging up, dismissing, or resorting to threats.


Our comprehensive review unequivocally deems Ivenctures a scam and a boiler room that should be avoided at all costs. The company lacks the essential licenses, authorizations, or regulatory oversight required for providing investment and trading services. Furthermore, Ivenctures utilizes manipulative and unethical tactics to entrap unsuspecting investors into acquiring shares that ultimately prove to be worthless or non-existent. The AFM’s warning and numerous negative reviews corroborate these findings. We strongly advise against entertaining any offers from Ivenctures and discourage sharing any money or personal information with them. If you have fallen victim to their schemes, immediate action is imperative, including reporting to the AFM and your bank. Stay vigilant and exercise caution when encountering similar calls or offers from other companies that may have ties to Ivenctures or employ the same deceitful tactics.

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