Warning Investors INVESTORMEX

Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)

Investormex: Unmasking a Potential Scam


Investormex, a purported online platform offering trading and investment opportunities across diverse markets, has been raising significant concerns within the financial industry. While it claims to provide access to lucrative options like forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more, multiple red flags suggest that Investormex might be involved in fraudulent or illegal activities, including insider dealing, market manipulation, and the misrepresentation of material information. In this in-depth review, we will thoroughly investigate the evidence and warnings that point towards Investormex being a potential scam. Our primary aim is to educate and protect prospective investors from falling victim to potential financial fraud.

Regulation and Compliance

When considering a trading or investment firm, regulatory oversight and compliance with relevant authorities and laws are paramount. These safeguards ensure that firms adhere to standards of conduct, transparency, security, and client fund protection. However, Investormex fails to provide any information on its regulatory or compliance status on its website or in its communications.

In fact, several regulators from different countries have issued warnings against Investormex, asserting that the platform lacks authorization or licensing to provide financial services within their respective territories. Regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, and the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in France have all raised red flags, cautioning the public about the potential risks associated with Investormex.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews

Another crucial aspect in assessing the credibility of any trading or investment firm is customer reviews and feedback from previous clients. Regrettably, Investormex fails to showcase genuine positive customer reviews on its website or other reputable platforms. Instead, a disturbing trend of negative reviews and complaints from clients who have fallen victim to scams and lost their hard-earned money dominates the narrative. Common grievances reported by these customers include:

  1. Difficulty or impossibility in withdrawing funds: Numerous clients have faced challenges when attempting to withdraw their funds from their Investormex accounts.
  2. Pressure and manipulation to deposit more money or accept bonuses: Some investors have reported experiencing undue pressure or manipulation to deposit additional funds or accept bonuses, which can lead to a loss of control over their investments.
  3. False or misleading information: Clients have expressed concerns over receiving false or misleading information regarding the performance and profitability of their trades and investments.
  4. Unauthorized or fraudulent transactions: Cases of unauthorized or fraudulent transactions and charges on accounts or credit cards have been reported.
  5. Harassment and threats: Several clients have alleged harassment and threats from Investormex staff or representatives when attempting to withdraw their funds or close their accounts.
  6. Lack of response or communication: Many clients have been left frustrated due to the lack of response or communication from Investormex’s customer service, making it challenging to address their issues or concerns.

Products and Services

Investormex purports to offer an extensive array of products and services for trading and investment across various markets. However, the platform fails to provide clear and comprehensive explanations of these offerings on its website or in its communications. Furthermore, these products and services lack regulation or verification from reputable authorities or institutions, casting doubt on their legitimacy, safety, fairness, and profitability.

The absence of oversight raises concerns about the possibility of these products and services being designed to deceive, manipulate, or exploit customers to the advantage of Investormex. Prospective investors should be cautious when considering these offerings, given the lack of transparency and regulatory backing.


Another glaring issue with Investormex is the lack of clear and reliable information about its location or physical address on its website or in its communications. The platform merely provides a generic email address ([email protected]) and a website address ( as contact details. These contact details may not be accurate or valid, as they can change over time or belong to another business or individual.

Furthermore, the absence of clear location information makes it challenging to trace or hold Investormex accountable in the event of a dispute or problem. Investors should exercise caution when dealing with a platform that operates under such a veil of secrecy.

Customer Service

Investormex’s customer service leaves much to be desired. As previously mentioned, many clients have reported receiving no response or communication from Investormex’s customer service when seeking assistance or clarification. In some cases, clients have gone a step further, alleging harassment or threats from Investormex staff or representatives when trying to withdraw their funds or close their accounts.

This lack of responsiveness and respect for clients’ rights and concerns raises significant questions about Investormex’s commitment to providing a safe and supportive trading environment.


In light of the evidence and warnings outlined in this comprehensive review, we can confidently conclude that Investormex poses a significant risk to potential investors and should be avoided at all costs. The platform lacks regulatory compliance in any jurisdiction, making it vulnerable to engaging in fraudulent or illegal activities such as insider dealing, market manipulation, and the misrepresentation of material information. The absence of positive customer reviews and transparency regarding its products and services, location, and customer service further emphasize the risks associated with Investormex.

Before considering any investment or trading platform, it is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and research. The red flags surrounding Investormex should serve as a stark reminder that not all platforms are created equal, and the financial industry remains rife with potential pitfalls for the unwary. To protect your financial interests, it is imperative to seek reputable and regulated platforms and exercise prudence in your investment decisions. Remember, in the world of finance, the adage “better safe than sorry” couldn’t be more relevant.

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