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Established in 2015, Goldman Knox marketed itself as a pioneer in online trading, investment, and wealth management, claiming a global presence with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK. Central to its facade was the assertion of being regulated by ASIC and other authorities. However, the revelation in 2019 of ASIC canceling the Australian Financial Services (AFS) license dealt a severe blow to the company’s credibility. This blog aims to dissect the aftermath of this regulatory action, shedding light on the risks entwined with dealing with Goldman Knox.

Regulation and Compliance:

The heart of Goldman Knox’s downfall lies in the loss of its AFS license in 2019. Stripped of regulatory oversight, the company operates as an unregulated entity, absolving it from compliance with any rules or standards. This lack of regulation opens the door to various risks, including scams, frauds, money laundering, and identity theft. Investors who engage with unregulated entities face heightened vulnerabilities, with minimal recourse or compensation in the event of misconduct or financial losses.

Customer Support:

Customers who dared to transact with Goldman Knox reported a litany of issues that underscore the company’s lack of commitment to customer satisfaction. Difficulties in withdrawing funds, high undisclosed fees, false information, aggressive sales tactics, and poor customer service were among the common grievances. The absence of reliable communication channels and unresolved concerns paint a disconcerting picture of Goldman Knox’s dedication to its clientele.

Customer Reviews:

A cursory online search reveals a multitude of negative reviews and complaints against Goldman Knox. Customers share harrowing experiences, citing unauthorized transactions, unresponsive customer service, and deceptive practices. The consistent theme across these reviews is one of regret and dissatisfaction, with users expressing remorse over their decision to engage with the company.

Products and Services:

Despite its claims, there is a conspicuous lack of evidence to support Goldman Knox’s purported range of financial products and services. Customers reported faulty trading platforms, poorly managed investment portfolios, ineffective education programs, and biased market analysis. The legitimacy of the company’s offerings remains questionable, leaving investors in the dark about the authenticity of the promised services.


Goldman Knox’s assertion of having offices in several countries lacks substantiation. The absence of physical addresses and unreliable contact details raises significant doubts. Customers, frustrated by the inability to locate the company’s offices, are left questioning the legitimacy of Goldman Knox’s global presence.

Customer Service:

Reports indicate that Goldman Knox’s customer service was either subpar or virtually non-existent. Customers faced difficulties reaching the company, enduring long wait times, and unresponsive communication channels. Instances of disrespectful treatment and broken promises of callbacks further eroded trust in the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

Engaging with an unregulated company like Goldman Knox exposes investors to a myriad of risks that extend beyond mere financial losses. The absence of protection against scams and frauds, coupled with the lack of safeguards against insolvency, misconduct, and regulatory action, poses substantial dangers. This section aims to highlight the inherent risks associated with dealing with unregulated entities, emphasizing the potential loss of money and the absence of legal recourse.

Unregulated entities may lack the necessary systems or procedures to prevent or detect scams and frauds. They might even be complicit in fraudulent activities like Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, boiler rooms, and phishing attacks. Investors engaging with such entities may find themselves without any protection, making them susceptible to financial harm.

Furthermore, the absence of capital requirements or solvency ratios in unregulated entities means there is no guarantee that they have sufficient funds to meet their obligations to customers. In the event of insolvency, customers may find themselves without any recourse or compensation. Unregulated entities may also lack insurance coverage or participation in compensation schemes, leaving customers vulnerable to significant financial losses.

The lack of codes of conduct or ethics in unregulated entities further exposes customers to potential misconduct. Without proper guidelines, these entities may operate without ethical considerations, potentially engaging in unfair practices or taking advantage of their customers. In the absence of dispute resolution or complaint-handling mechanisms, customers may find it challenging to address issues or problems with the products or services provided by unregulated companies.

Additionally, unregulated entities may operate illegally or in violation of laws and regulations. Without the necessary licenses or registrations, they may be conducting business in certain jurisdictions or markets without adhering to legal requirements. This lack of compliance could lead to legal actions, fines, penalties, sanctions, or even bans against the company or its customers.


In conclusion, Goldman Knox emerges as a company laden with red flags and a cautionary tale for potential investors. The cancellation of its ASIC license, coupled with a barrage of negative customer reviews, dubious products, an undisclosed location, and poor customer service collectively paint a picture of an entity to be avoided at all costs. The risks associated with Goldman Knox extend beyond mere financial losses, encompassing potential harm to personal information. Investors are strongly advised to exercise extreme caution and steer clear of this unregulated entity. Seeking out reputable and regulated financial service providers is paramount to ensuring a secure and trustworthy investment experience. The pitfalls associated with engaging with Goldman Knox serve as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence and vigilance in the realm of financial services.

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