Caution Investors FXWINNING.PRO – Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


In the vast and dynamic world of online trading and investment, caution is paramount. One platform that has raised red flags is FXWINNING.PRO. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the various aspects of FXWINNING.PRO to determine whether it’s a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam.

Regulation and Compliance:

A crucial factor in evaluating any online trading platform is its regulatory standing and compliance. FXWINNING.PRO operates under the umbrella of FXWINNING LIMITED, a company registered in the United Kingdom. However, the absence of crucial information such as the company’s address and contact details raises immediate concerns. Moreover, the platform has come under scrutiny from the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), Spain’s financial regulator, which has flagged FXWINNING.PRO is a potential scam.

The CNMV emphasizes that FXWINNING.PRO lacks authorization to provide investment services or advice in Spain or any other European country. This leaves users vulnerable, operating on a platform without the necessary oversight or protective measures. The regulator has even issued warnings, citing potential fraudulent activities such as price manipulation, withdrawal issues, and unauthorized access to personal and financial information. Given these serious allegations, potential investors are strongly advised to steer clear of FXWINNING.PRO.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

A glimpse into the customer experience often serves as a litmus test for the legitimacy of any online trading platform. Unfortunately, FXWINNING.PRO’s reputation among its users is far from stellar. Numerous complaints have surfaced, with users alleging financial losses and deceptive practices.

Several recurring issues paint a concerning picture:

  1. Identity Verification: FXWINNING.PRO neglects to verify the identity of its clients, raising red flags related to potential money laundering and identity theft.
  2. Lack of Documentation: The absence of essential documents, including terms and conditions, privacy policies, and risk disclosure documents, is a glaring omission for a legitimate trading platform.
  3. Inadequate Customer Support: FXWINNING.PRO provides no viable channels for customer support, limiting users to a web form with no guarantee of a timely response. The lack of direct communication channels exacerbates user frustration and dissatisfaction.
  4. Withdrawal Difficulties: Users have reported challenges in withdrawing their funds, citing unreasonable fees, complex conditions, or outright ignorance of their withdrawal requests.
  5. Use of Fake Endorsements: The platform employs deceptive tactics, such as fake testimonials and endorsements from reputable organizations and media outlets, creating a false aura of credibility.

Products and Services:

FXWINNING.PRO boasts a range of trading and investment products, including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. However, these claims lack substantiation, as the platform fails to provide any concrete evidence or proof. Critical information such as trading execution methods, software used, fees, and associated risks remains conspicuously absent.

Moreover, the absence of educational and analytical resources further hampers users’ ability to make informed decisions. The lack of market news, charts, indicators, signals, and strategies diminishes the overall value proposition for potential investors.


The geographical transparency of an online trading platform is vital for establishing trust. Unfortunately, FXWINNING.PRO falls short in this regard. While it discloses its affiliation with FXWINNING LIMITED in the UK, this registration alone does not confer regulatory authorization. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has not granted any license or approval to FXWINNING LIMITED or FXWINNING.PRO. The company’s registration information reveals a lack of financial reporting since its incorporation in October 2020, further raising concerns about its operational transparency.

Customer Service:

Communication channels are the lifeline for users encountering issues or seeking clarification. Regrettably, FXWINNING.PRO fails to provide adequate customer service. The exclusive reliance on a web form, coupled with the absence of a phone number, email address, live chat option, or any social media presence, creates an unwarranted barrier for users seeking assistance. This lack of accessible support mechanisms places users in a precarious position should they encounter problems.


In conclusion, FXWINNING.PRO emerges as a highly suspicious and potentially fraudulent platform, lacking the necessary regulatory oversight and compliance. The warning issued by Spain’s financial regulator, coupled with a slew of customer complaints detailing financial losses and deceptive practices, raises significant red flags.

The absence of crucial information, including the company’s location, contact details, and transparent trading conditions, further erodes confidence in FXWINNING.PRO. With no viable customer support channels, users face an uphill battle in seeking assistance or resolution.

Given the evident risks and the dubious nature of its operations, we strongly caution our readers against engaging with FXWINNING.PRO. For those seeking a secure and reputable online trading platform, it is advisable to explore alternatives with established regulatory compliance and a positive track record in customer satisfaction. Your financial well-being deserves a platform that prioritizes transparency, customer support, and adherence to regulatory standards.

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