Forsage Review


Warning Investors Forsage – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


Forsage has emerged as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency landscape, enticing investors with promises of substantial returns through its decentralized smart contract system. However, regulatory scrutiny, coupled with a range of customer experiences, raises questions about the platform’s credibility and safety for investors. This review aims to dissect Forsage’s offerings, addressing regulatory concerns and evaluating user feedback to present a comprehensive overview.

Regulation and Compliance:

Forsage’s regulatory standing is a cause for immediate concern. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines and the U.S. SEC have issued warnings, highlighting Forsage’s lack of registration and authority to solicit investments. The absence of a financial institution regulatory license exposes investors to additional risks, emphasizing the importance of thorough due diligence before engaging with such platforms. Regulatory compliance is crucial for investor protection, and Forsage’s apparent disregard for these standards is a red flag.

Customer Support:

A crucial aspect of any investment platform is the quality of customer support. Forsage’s customer reviews present a mixed bag of experiences. While some users praise the platform for its transparency and profitability, a significant number report technical glitches, withdrawal difficulties, and, more alarmingly, falling victim to scams orchestrated by Forsage affiliates. The absence of robust customer support channels, limited to social media platforms, further compounds the risks. Investors lack a reliable avenue for dispute resolution, heightening the platform’s potential negative impact on users.

Customer Reviews:

Forsage’s user base exhibits a spectrum of opinions. Positive reviews highlight the platform’s ease of use and initial profitability, while negative feedback encompasses technical issues, withdrawal challenges, and allegations of scams. The latter raises serious concerns about the integrity of Forsage and the potential exploitation of investors by unscrupulous affiliates. The disparity in user experiences underscores the platform’s controversial nature and the need for cautious consideration.

How can crypto transactions be traced?

Understanding the traceability of crypto transactions is crucial in evaluating the transparency and security of any cryptocurrency platform. Forsage’s use of smart contracts on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks introduces complexities in tracing transactions. While blockchain technology inherently provides transparency, the decentralized nature of smart contracts can make tracking more challenging. Investors should be aware of the intricacies involved in tracing crypto transactions to make informed decisions.


In conclusion, Forsage presents a complex landscape for potential investors. While the allure of cryptocurrency profits is evident, the platform’s regulatory non-compliance, lack of a financial institution regulatory license, and mixed user reviews create significant doubts about its legitimacy and reliability. The warnings issued by regulatory bodies should not be disregarded, emphasizing the potential legal repercussions and financial risks associated with Forsage.

The contrasting user experiences, coupled with Forsage’s inadequate customer support, raise serious concerns about investor protection. Caution is paramount when considering involvement with Forsage or similar platforms. Thorough research, prioritizing regulatory compliance, and choosing platforms with robust customer support mechanisms are essential steps for safeguarding financial security. Investors must exercise diligence and prudence, recognizing the uncertainties and potential pitfalls associated with cryptocurrency investments.

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