Flaiyy Alert

On May 17th, 2024, Cryptocointrace encountered another forex scam, operating under the following URL:  https://www.flaiyy.cc/h5/#/. Flaiyy.cc exhibits numerous red flags that raise serious concerns about its legitimacy as a forex broker. The company exhibits opaque operations, hiding its location, ownership, and service details. Critical information about service fees and minimum deposit requirements are withheld. Flaiyy.cc provides no information about their regulatory status, a significant cause for concern. Online security platforms have also flagged the site as untrustworthy. The site shows security shortcomings with a new domain and lack of a secure HTTPS connection. These are all strong indicators of a potential scam. 

Avoid investing with Flaiyy.cc due to the abundance of red flags.

If Scammed, Take Action:

Gather all communication records and report the incident to local law enforcement. 

Reach out to Cryptocointrace and file a complaint to receive support and assistance.