Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest Review


Warning Investors Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest – Regarding fraudulent or manipulative practices (insider dealing, market manipulation, misrepresentation of material information, etc.)


In today’s complex financial landscape, finding a reliable investment platform is crucial for anyone looking to grow their wealth. However, not all platforms are created equal, and it’s essential to do your due diligence before entrusting your hard-earned money to any service. In this review, we’ll delve into the dubious world of Fatih SARIKAYA and its investment service, S-f-Invest.

Regulation and Compliance:

When evaluating investment opportunities, one of the most critical aspects is whether the provider is regulated and compliant with the laws and regulations of its operating jurisdiction. This ensures that the company adheres to specific standards, maintains transparency, and upholds customer protection measures. Regulated providers are subject to audits and inspections, promoting accountability and fair dispute resolution.

Regrettably, Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest fails on all these fronts. The platform operates without proper authorization and is not regulated or licensed in Austria or any other jurisdiction. It doesn’t provide any legal status, registration number, ownership information, risk disclosures, or fees. This lack of transparency indicates shady operations and non-compliance with the Austrian Banking Act and other applicable laws.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Another vital indicator of an investment company’s credibility is the presence of customer reviews and responsive customer support. Authentic reviews give insight into the platform’s performance and customer satisfaction. Reputable providers engage constructively with negative feedback and work to address customer concerns.

Curiously, Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest has no customer reviews on its website or any other platform. This absence raises suspicions either that the platform lacks real customers or it has removed negative reviews. Furthermore, there are numerous reports from investors who claim to have lost money, been unable to withdraw funds, or even faced harassment after interacting with this provider.

Products and Services:

Investors are naturally drawn to companies offering a wide range of investment options to cater to various preferences, risk appetites, and budgets. Transparent information about services, risks, and returns should be readily available.

However, Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest offers nothing but vague descriptions of its services. It mentions stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies but provides no specific details. The platform claims high returns with low risks without substantiating these claims. The absence of verifiable information about the team or strategies indicates a lack of professionalism and quality.


A reputable investment platform should have a physical address and legal presence in its operating jurisdiction, demonstrating accountability and adherence to local laws. Having a local phone number and responsive customer service channels further enhances trust.

Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest claims an address in Austria but provides a false location. The phone number is unregistered, and the provided email address is unresponsive, making it impossible to contact the provider in any meaningful way.

Customer Service:

Efficient customer service is crucial for addressing customer queries and concerns promptly. A reputable provider should have a responsive and professional customer support team available through multiple communication channels.

In stark contrast, Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest has no customer service team, staff, or representatives. The only point of contact is an infrequently answered email address, making it clear that customer needs are not a priority.


In summary, Fatih SARIKAYA / S-f-Invest should be avoided at all costs. It operates as an unauthorized, unregulated, and illegal entity, in violation of Austrian and international financial regulations. It lacks transparency, has no verifiable customer base, and offers vague, unproven investment services. The false location and unresponsive customer service further raise red flags. This platform’s primary objective appears to be siphoning money and personal information from unsuspecting investors. Stay far away from this potential scam.

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